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  1. Jenny N

    Domestic Adoption Is Alive & Well!

    Amen Sisters! Elizabeth, i hope you seriously forward this post to the editor. And its hight time you wrote a book! Its such a shame that domestic adoption is given such a bad name. And really we don't know how many birthfamilies overseas "change thier minds" either. They could be pregnant and all along plan to place the baby in an orphanage and at the last minute or after birth decide not to........we just don't know that statistic. I am sorry, people talk about how "horrifify" the process can be. My cousin adopted through Russia (I am not picking on russia) but she was all set to adopt a sibiling group. Come to find out, her "healthy" children one of them had CP, and for all the money she paid up front, they kept asking her for "donations" everytime to came to visit the babies, a donation, that if not paid, the babies were unavailable for visitiation. I know alot of people that have adopted successfully overseas and domestically, but I also know that a few couples that had alot of years waiting and mega-money invested in adoptions overseas that didn't go so smoothly. Nothing is life is black and white and especially when you are dealing with human beings and raw emotion can you completely predict the outcome of any adoption.
  2. Jenny N

    Parenting: Then & Now

    We had such a great neighborhood when i was growing up. We had a TON of kids and we played kick the can, flash light tag, and kick ball..........there was always action! We played marbles, we hauled all our barbie stuff to each other's yards......We were called home when my Dad whistled really loud. All the kids knew that was "our" call to home. We played outside ALL day, we went to pool all summer! Our neighborhood is newer so we thought it would have alot of kids, but not really a few babies, but mostly teens. We are pretty bummed there are no baseball games or tag playing in our neighborhood..............we are still hoping! One thing from my past which is probably gone for a good reason......We used to ride in a rear facing staion wagon! Yikes, we actually stared at oncoming traffic!
  3. Jenny N

    Coming Back Through

    Thanks for the kind words, it just so unknown for me right now, b/c I truly feel in my heart I am not done, I really want more children, but its scary to put yourself out there again, and this time with kids..........time will tell!
  4. Jenny N

    Coming Back Through

    I have the fear that we won't be chosen b/c we have 2 kids. I am worried that b/c we have one adopted son and one biological son (with our infertiltiy its very hit and miss if it will happen again) that we won't look like we "need" more children. I would love to adopt again but worry that we won't be chosen for having 2 kids and being able to possibly have biological children. Really it doens't matter to me how we have them, we would just love to have another one in the house......we are really at a stand still as what to do............
  5. Jenny N

    Open Adoption

    Hi Elizabeth I clicked on your link for the bracelets and it didn't work, where can we get them, i would love one!
  6. Jenny N

    Coming Back Through

    This is a great topic. I think its always hard to tell a BP about the desire to have another child. You don't want them to think this HUGE sacrifice they just went thru isn't enough or good enough. I was very nervous to tell our birthmom we were now expecting after adopting. I don't know how she feels, she hasn't contacted us in a few years, we recently got a call from Abrazo saying she wants to talk with us, but we can't catch her at the number she gave us. I hope she is ok with our newer/larger family. Anxiously awaiting to hear from her.
  7. Jenny N

    Adoption Risks

    Risks are the hugest factor in almost everything we do. I just remember searching and seeing signs everywhere and in everything to give me that " this has to be meant to be" feeling while we were adopting, and even while I was pregnant with our second child. Its funny how you search for the signs to help you feel in control. But really nothing is in your control and GOD will decide. And the "right" thing does really happen. Its hard to see that while your in the middle of it.
  8. Jenny N

    Dr. Phil

    I watched the show yesterday too, I was happy to see that the family with the adopted boy from India that "they didn't love" and wanted to send back, they have made a complete turn around. Dr. Phil sent them all to couseling and I guess the family is now very happy and the boy is now doing well. I was SO concerned about this boy, and couldn't believe the first show, and was relived the follow up show as positive on this story. I, too, wish that Amanda would have been invited to the show, so everyone could see how open, open adoption could be.
  9. Jenny N

    Suggested reading

    For the younger child. Try the book. Little Miss Spider, by David Kirk. and A is for Adoption. As far as not using "bad language". Talk with example and just correct family. Its was hard for me at first to correct some people in my family w/o wanting to offend, but its important, and if your family is excited for you, they should be willing to help. Cute little story. My niece (3 at the time) asked if my husband and I were going to have a baby, and I said "yes" (her mother was pregnant at the time) and she asked if it was in my belly and I said "no, my belly doesn't work like that so we are going to get a baby from Texas" She turned around and asked her mom were "her texas was?" I told her that Texas was a place, not a body part. She beamed and said "great!". That was that, she was fine with that answer. Children are pretty innocent and that is a lovely way to be sometimes, they are just so excited for you and the baby. They can be a good ice breaker sometimes.
  10. Jenny N

    Adoptive Parents and their grandchildren

    When we were struggeling thru inferlitlity, my sister and I got pregnant at the same time, like days apart. I lost my baby at 9 weeks, and she went on to have a successful pregnancy. For the most part I was very happy for her, but the other part of me, was like "why me". But funny enough as time went on, she shared SO much of her pregnancy with me, and I got to be there for the delivery it was like I had a bit of pregnancy and labor myself. I am so glad I was there and not upset about it and just enjoyed watching the miracle of life arriving. Later I was able to give birth, and as awesome as it was, so was the experience of adoption, and not alot of people get to walk down that path either. I feel overjoyed I got to do both. Miracles come in different ways each day. I bet there will be no hard feelings.
  11. Jenny N

    Dr. Phil

    I too, am appalled. I watched the show, and coudn't stop crying thinking about this boy. Dr. Phil was SO right, its not the boy's job to love them and make them feel good. Its there job to love and make the boy feel good. I just couldn't relate. We bonded so quickly!! I think that nothing short of removing the boy would that family work either. I just wonder what happened with all the post placement visits? They must have shared there feelings with there case worker if they were able to share them with millions of people watching on TV. My heart wrenched for the boy, BP's around the world wondering about there children, and for AP's who DO NOT feel this way.......yikes! It was not good all around. This why I tell anyone who asks about our adoption, open is the only way to go. I think these situations are far and few between b/c of it.
  12. Jenny N

    Preparing the Relatives

    I loved the article, I just printed it out to give to a friend of mine who is "talking" with Abrazo right now, and probably coming to an orientation very soon. Here is a question for you all. As some of you know or may remember from my last posts (which have been awhile-sorry) We adopted a hispanic boy 3yrs ago, and we were all set to adopt again when we found ourselves pregnant. We now have 2 boys, one hispanic and one white. Both boys are wonderful, loved, and adore each other and adored by parents. But we sometimes run into "very stupid" comments from people. How do we answer questions about heritage with out making our adopted son, be the "adopted one". People see the boys looking different or see our youngest looks like me or whatever..and I know what they are trying to ask are they related, but to answer the questions. I feel like I am labeling them. I don't what one to be "the adopted" and the other "the bio". How can I answer these questions without singling them out. Any hints? As for our family, they are very happy about our babies no matter how they came here, so that is not an issue, but with strangers or even new friends I dont' know how not to label each child. Let me know what you think.Thanks!
  13. Jenny N

    Positive Adoption Language Primer

    This is a very good article, we also try very hard to get our friends amd family to use the words that we use/will use with our son. I also JUST (like seconds ago) got done emailing none other than Dr. Phil. There is a special on his show about a family in crisis and includes a pregnant teen deciding her babies future and its driving me NUTS that they keep saying, Dr. Phil included, "Put the baby up for adoption" "give the baby away" I emailed him that the baby will not be hanging anywhere so they won't be up! I said a better way to phrase that would be "place the child...." I explained that most birthmothers/families get the opportunity to select the families and "place the child" with them. We are also struggling with how to explain our growing family. We have one adopted son, and a bio-child (son) on the way (and one day overdue now!! and I am not sick of the questions or congradulatory comments, but I hate lableing my sons, one is the "adopted" one and one is "bio" one. How can I explain the difference w/o lables? I know I shouldn't even have to explain, but when point blank asked? What should my response be?
  14. Jenny N

    The Welcome Wagon!

    Welcome Zinnia, Everyone's responses are right on target, we have all been there. Its sad that we live in such a judgemental world. Adoption, if anything, has taught me to not be so critical of others. Our story is a bit different, we could get pregnant drop of a hat, but couldn't carry past 5-8wks, so we decided to quit all treatments, stay on birthcontrol and adopt. Some of our family had a VERY hard time accepting our decision to stop. The comments of "your so close" or "you just have to relax" or "maybe the next one will work" drove us crazy. But they weren't the ones going thru with all the stress and mental and physical trauma. Once we were 100% on board with Adoption and Abrazo, we just took charge over our families. We gave them books, and articles to read. We corrected there "lingo" if we found it inappropriate, we were VERY positive and stopped negitive remarks instantly. They all got on board and got the picuture quickly. Don't let others ruin what is the MOST amazing expierence you will ever have. Once that baby is in your arms, it is yours. So what if someone else also loves that baby as much as you do. The more love the better! Love knows no limits. Our families are SO accepting of our son and his birthfamily, and just spoil him to pieces. 2 years after our placement, we found ourselves VERY unexpectedly pregnant again, and thru many hormones and prayers this pregnancy is working, and I find myself going thru all the comments again, (thankfully not from family this time) "oh how wonderful, you will finally have one of your own" or "see once you adopted then you'd have one" and it just gets so old. I am past the point of it bothering me, but worry when people say it in front of my son. When he is old enough to understand, it will hurt his feelings, so I politely correct people right away. But honestly, where did the smile and the "congradulations" go when people say "we're pregnant or we're adopting?" I hope all your dreams of parenting come true very soon, and you found a wealth of info on this forum from the adoptive families and the birthfamilies.
  15. Jenny N

    Baby Announcements 2003

    Congrats Dana! I have been waiting and watching for a post from you! Hope everyone is adjusting well, have fun!!