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  1. Hi Christina, Just wanted to welcome you to the Abrazo family. You've already gotten tons of good advice and it sounds like you're off to a great start. I can relate to keeping busy, because it does help pass the time. Doing adoption and baby related things helped make me feel productive and made the prospect of being a parent feel REAL. You've chosen the right agency, now you just need to strap in for the ride. Your dreams are about to come true. Best wishes for a speedy placement and remember you've got your forum family to lean on to make the time fly! Keep the faith,
  2. Dreams do come true! Not always in the time or exact way we wish, but in His time and His way we have been so blessed! As I type this I am holding our precious blessing from above, Matthew Christian. He was born on Friday, May 9th at 12:28 p.m.. He weighed 6 lbs 13 oz and was 18 inches long and he is the most BEAUTIFUL baby, perfect in every way. He was welcomed home Monday evening by his big brother Jacob, who is totally in love with him. Words cannot express the joy we feel right now and we want to thank the Abrazo Angels for helping us foster a match made in heaven. But most importantl
  3. Here's another awesome open adoption experience. We've had an open relationship with our son's birthmom since she was 5 months pregnant. He's almost 4 now and we have maintained that relationship through letters, pictures, and phone calls. We visited her twice the first year and she came to visit for a weekend when he turned 2. For a while communication with her seemed limited and we were a little disappointed but kept sending pictures and updates determined to let her know what an amazing gift she had given us. It paid off. Last month she came to stay with us for almost a week. It w
  4. Wow! I've been having withdrawals as I haven't been able to read the forum for a couple of weeks, but it was awesome to get on and read all the baby announcements! Congratulations Doug and Jennifer and all the other proud new mommies and daddies! Hope you're all safe and sound and settling in at home with your precious new bundles of joy. Dana
  5. Congratulations Family Love! So glad you've taken the leap to parenthood via Abrazo. April orientation will be here before you know it. Keep us posted on your journey and let us know when your little bundle of joy arrives! I'm so excited for you! Dana
  6. Good questions Katharine. Do you ever have complete resolve when it comes to infertility? I think it will always be a part of you, but it doesn't have to be who you are. Like Lisa we truly believe that things happen for a reason and that certain things are just meant to be or not to be. In our case we were not faced with male infertility, but with endometriosis and then unexplained infertility. I did feel guilty for not being able to produce a biological child, but I knew in my heart that we could love any child God brought into our lives. And my husband was so supportive. He never m
  7. We've been through infertility and the treatments that go along with it. We investigated domestic vs. international adoption. To us the benefits of domestic outweighed international (some may disagree). We've had a very successful open adoption experience, and are currently on our second journey. Now this is just my opinion but here's what I think. Open adoption can be a roller coaster ride. Believe me we know that first hand. But if you think IVF will not be a roller coaster ride you are kidding yourself. It is very emotional and risky. And from our experience the odds just aren't th
  8. Conratulations Enza, Brad and Julia Grace!!!!! Even though I don't know you I am sooooo happy for you. Dreams do come true! Thank you so much for sharing your story. Many more blessings to you and your precious baby girl in 2003. Dana
  9. I truly believe in the power of prayer and that God answers all prayers. When I am facing challenges or I'm worried about something this is a scripture that brings me peace and strengthens my faith that all things are possible through Christ if we turn our concerns over to Him. Phillippians 4:4-7 Always be full of joy in the Lord; I say it again, rejoice! Let everyone see that you are unselfish and considerate in all you do. Remember that the Lord is coming soon. Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs and don't forget to thank him for his answer
  10. Our journey began with the never-ending infertility tests and treatments that never worked for us. And like Lisa, looking back now we wonder why on earth we went to such lengths to try to have a biological child when adoption was staring us in the face. Anyways, while we were going through testing and treatments my mom was traveling a lot for work. One night she came home from Dallas and said I've got a card for you. While on the plane she met this wonderful lady who was traveling alone with a baby and all this baby stuff. My mom being the talker that she is (we tease she can learn a str
  11. Lisa- Thanks for mentioning the topic "The Day We Got the Call". I've been reading the forum for months and don't know how I missed that whole topic area before. It was very uplifting and inspired me to share our first adoption story. You've been a great source of information, encouragement, and inspiration for all of us in "Forum Land". Thank you for sharing your stories and for the great topics you've provided for others. Dana
  12. Congratulations to the proud new parents of the New Year's Eve blessing! What a fantastic way to start off 2003! Sounds like you've had a challenging year to achieve your dreams and I'm sure it was worth the wait. As a parents-in-waiting couple who has faced some challenges and disappointments of our own in the past 7 months we'd love to hear your story. Give us and some other parents-in-waiting some encouragement for 2003. Congratulations again! And best wishes for a sleepless, but happy year....years to come! Keeping the faith, Dana
  13. Congratulations Docs, from your Dream Team '02 Texas friends! We're sure this must be the best Christmas present you've ever received. Dreams do come true!!! Send some good luck our way! Best wishes for a speedy interstate compact and let us know if you need a place to celebrate Christmas. We're just miles down the road. Congrats again! Dana & Glenn
  14. What a great topic. Right after our son was born and we brought him home we thought no way are we doing that again. It wasn't that we had a bad adoption experience. In fact it was just the opposite. We met a wonderful birthmom that we fell in love with. She allowed us to be a part of her pregnancy and the birth of our son. We built a beautiful relationship with her and never quite expected to be so attached to her. We never expected to feel guilty for taking that precious baby from her, even though it's what she wanted and it was our lifelong dream. We were happy for us, but sad for he
  15. A big Texas congratulations to our Dream Team '02 Tennessee friends who've just matched with their incredible birthfamily. We are thrilled for you. Now go get that nursery ready!!! We are still waiting for our miracle match! Best wishes to all of you out there waiting to meet your precious angel.
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