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  1. Jennifer and Doug! I am sorry I am so late in my heartfelt best wishes! I am so happy for you all Welcome little ones to Katy! Katharine
  2. I have often thought of this and wonder why some many couples are not open to adopting bi-racial or African American children. I wish we could have more of a dialogue of what their fears and prejudices are. Maybe an honest and open dialogue could help repair some of the misconceptions or misgivings about being a parent to these beautiful children. Any of you PIW's who left that box unchecked, we would all welcome some non-confrontational conversations to bring more of an understanding to the "Rainbow" community. I hope you are willing to share your thoughts and feelings. It can be a great lear
  3. Happy Anniversary Karen! All I can say it WOW you must of been married when you were 10! Love, Katharine
  4. Thank you Heidi!!! Ditto one thousand times! Katharine
  5. That is the greatest news! Congrats to the new family! Katharine Miles
  6. Sabrina, I agree with everyone you have to stay. We would miss you and your boys terribly. WE are all different and things that make us feel out of place and uncomfortable. I look to your wisdom and perpesctive. As a Mother of two boys like you that are so similiar, I value your opinions and love your stories. The forum would not be the same! Love, Katharine
  7. Great News Melissa! The only advise that I can give you is although you may think you know what to expect, it will be different! Which is an exciting thing! You will use what you have learned from your first experience like talking to BP and knowing what to expect ect... You will learn more and of course cherish each moment! I wish you well on your second journey! The best part is that you have GraceAnn to share it all with! Isn't that marvelous! Katharine
  8. Congratulations! What a wonferful homecoming! This placement is so wonderful that I had to post just a comment I made today. A client of mine was looking at the pictures of my boys today and after the adminration she asked me how do you know? I knew exactly what she meant and the point is that every baby that is placed into our waiting arms is chosen by God to be our child. These things are predetermined. I know it and my boys are living proof! Thank you for sharing the details of the wonderful day for a special family! God has blessed them with a gift that is meant to be! Katha
  9. Tom and Pamela, I have so happy for you both! What great news! Nathan will be the best big brother! He was so precious with Spencer at Camp Abrazo. I can not wait to hear to details! Many Blessings ! Katharine and David
  10. You see there can be a happy ending! I am so pleased! Many prayers to the adoptive couple and this very special birthmother!
  11. Thank you Carmen for sharing your story. There are always many different endings to each story. Your post demonstrates the support that is available at Abrazo. Your courage to reach out is remarkable and many can learn from your expereience. Thank you for sharing a part of your story. Many blessings, Katharine
  12. Hi Martha, What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing! Katharine
  13. kmiles

    Working Moms

    Each Bmom that I talked to did not have a problem with me working. The fact is that many of us must work. I know that they are Bmoms that prefer a stay at home Mom but I never talked to any. I imagine that if she selected our profile she already knew that I have a career that would sustain. That is another great aspect of the openess. The Bmom can select would she considers an ideal home for her baby. Katharine
  14. kmiles

    Working Moms

    I am glad you started this topic. There are many issues that affect working Moms who adopt and this is only one of many. In my circumstance, I told my boss that we were planning on adopting after we attended the orientation with Abrazo. When you leave the weekend we were told to get ready because this was the beginning of our pregnacy. We knew that sometimes placements occurr very quickly. I had to tell my boss right away so we could develop a plan for my absence. My compnay is a small company ( only 100 employees) so FLMA was not an option. I was disheartened to find out that no paids bene
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