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  1. Melissa, you moved to Mississippi? Wow! Happy housewarming!
  2. Melissa, you are such a pro by now, hopefully your paperwork will be a lot easier! Good luck!
  3. Thanks, Melissa! It's great to get everyone's perspectives.
  4. You are completely right- moms making adoption plans are already showing huge responsibility for the welfare of their babies! They probably hope for a healthy child just as much as many of us do.
  5. Good question! I think so much from the other perspective- what a BP would be looking for in me- that I neglect to consider what I would seek in her and her family. Hmm... I think trust is a big one. Trust in the whole process, in herself that she is making the right choice, and in my husband and I that with God's help we will do all in our power to love and cherish that baby from day 0. Also flexibility and openness as we both figure out how to work this relationship out. The desire to have a friendship and find common ground even though we are at different points in our lives. I would
  6. I love the Velveteen Parent story and want to share it with my family! How touching!
  7. bumping up these do's and don't's!
  8. One thing I am realizing from everybody's words is the importance of just being yourself-- of course, being sensitive and loving, but not trying to be exactly what you think a BP might be looking for in terms of personality, interests, sense of humor, etc. I would think that the best, most comfortable, and most durable match would come from the most honest depiction of your life in your profile book and in your phone conversations with potential BP's. And I love what was said earlier in the topic about not being in a hurry, being sure to commit everything to prayer, and trusting in God, just
  9. Good to know on all of the above. Thanks. We thought of 3 folks to do the reference letters, and I called my infertility specialist today to ask for a letter. I can understand your sentiment about seeing the diagnosis in writing- almost like a judge's sentence. But you are right that maybe there is some relief/freedom in the bluntness of it, since it can truly open your mind to the prospect of adoption.
  10. Hey all! Is anyone else out there working on their application? We haven't gotten our official application packet in the mail, but found the blank copy online and are working on a rough draft! Also took some house photos and drew our floor plan today (thanks to my engineer husband)! Question: for letters of reference, they all have to be non-related right? Is there ever a chance for relatives to contribute? How much does it matter if the personal reference has not seen you interact with kids much (for instance, a college roommate)? What is the purpose of putting down your family physici
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