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  1. Welcome and congrats Kristin, Steve and Piper! Sounds like Max Noah has an awesome home in Utah to look forward to!
  2. Welcome Kristin! Not that I'm an old timer here yet...
  3. I realize this thread has been inactive for awhile, but it really struck a nerve with me and I needed to comment. Matt and I have been on the active list (for the past year) of the agency that we adopted our son Talmage through. We do not understand all the circumstances surrounding the situation, but we were just shocked when we heard that a matched couple (from our same agency) had changed their mind after the infant had been born quite premature. The extent of this baby's medical issues would not be fully realized for some time. Maybe the birthmother had looked at our profile and decide
  4. The adoption of our youngest son is also wide open. His birthmother actually works for us! We are constantly learning new tricks, however, with this whole adoption thing. Just when you think you've got it all figured out... It's wonderful to have a place to come and share experiences with others.
  5. mquelish


    Congrats! I called before you did and ours was in review at that time, so I don't know what the answer is yet. We are really hoping we "passed the test"!
  6. mquelish


    I already did! I think we sent ours in about the same time.
  7. Ditto on the thanks. Always nice to learn more about others beliefs.
  8. Heather beat me to it. I pretty much second what she has said. We believe those who are baptized posthumously have the choice of accepting that baptism or not. If they do not accept it, then so be it. But we feel that everyone should at least be given the opportunity to accept/decline it. Our youngest was sealed to us after his adoption was finalized. I do not know or understand all that will/does occur in the hereafter, but I do know that Danielle (and "K" and their respective families) was/is/will very much be a part of our family. Our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of His
  9. No problem. I'll come back in a bit and comment when I have more time. I have to run to an appt. in just a few minutes.
  10. Karen, thanks for the reassurance. I think I will be able to sleep better tonight. We are leaving (just the two of us!) for Hawaii on the 15th, so I hope we will have some news before then, but that's just over two weeks from sending it in. Who knows? This might be our only romantic trip we get for awhile...I can live with that.
  11. New here, but we'll pray that you may find some comfort at this time. We're so sorry.
  12. Okay, I am officially panicking. I was up late last night, slept lousy, and woke up around 5am. Why? Because I don't think that we filled out the inquiry app in a way that really expresses our adoption preferences. Like in special needs and other circumstances. Matt and I had a long talk last night about our feelings, concerns, hopes, etc. If anyone out there is listening, we are more open than what we did/didn't fill out! Abrazo chicks-call/PM/whatever if you have any questions, please! Thanks! Melinda and Matt
  13. Thanks everyone. I think my mind has been flooded with memories and emotions more so than usual as we gear up to start another adoption journey. I remember thinking, wondering, and being a bit worried how I would ever be able to have the capacity to love another child as much as I did our first. But that quickly dissipated the moment our second was born. Then, I will admit, there was a worry that I would bond as quickly to Talmage as I had the other two. That thought was blown out of the water the moment I held him. I don't have those concerns now. Now the concern is "Will I have that opportun
  14. You'd think we would have realized by now that by having children in the home, it might take longer. And yet, even with two children already in our home, we didn't experience that with Talmage's adoption. May I share? My husband is a general dentist, but has chosen to to treat only children and the developmentally disabled (regardless of age). Occasionally, he takes call for the oral surgeon in town. Well (disclaimer here: I have permission to share that she was a patient), a girl came to our office over the weekend for pain resulting from dental surgery earlier in the week. She was 15 and h
  15. Thanks Suzi! Yep, we're LDS too. Does a Denali (suburban) count as a BMW?
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