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  1. Welcome Cassie O'Tooooolllleeee!!

    So happy to have another O'Toole woman on the forum!

  2. hey, now that you are a member you better get to posting!! :)

  3. Hey Billie!!!

    I am so happy you are joining the forum!

  4. Happy May Day!

    May this Spring bring a special little someone to your family.

  5. Happy May Day!!

    Wishing loads of health, love and joy for you and all you love this Spring!

  6. Happy May Day!

    Praying that you phone will be ringing soon with news of your newest family members!

  7. Happy Birthday Susan!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to You!!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, you deserve it!!

  9. Yay, you joined!!! Can't wait to follow your journey to your child. :)

  10. Where are you? We miss you around here! :)

  11. Welcome Grandpaw Bruce! I am so happy that you are now part of our forum family!!

  12. Yep, another Tennessean. You will find lots of happy Abrazo families live in TN! We even have our own reunion each August. Can't wait to follow your journeyto parenthood!!

  13. Hi Nichole!!!

    So glad you are on the forum!

  14. Happy 40th birthday!!!!!

  15. Thanks for the day brightner my treasured friend!

  16. I am a proud member of the Sabrina fan club!!

    Can't wait to meet you in June.

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