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  1. What wonderful news for a very special TX family - Josh, Kara and Julia.....how excited you must be now as a family of five. CONGRATS to all of you and your newly enriched extended adoption family. God Bless all of you!! Steve, Patti, Jack and Sara
  2. Congratulations Tara and Eric....Hugo and Hayes are bound to fill your lives with lots of puppy dog tails, snails and all good little boy things -- enjoy every minute of being a family!
  3. Blessings upon these 2 special children and all who love them!
  4. How wonderful - many blessings be upon this young woman, the newborn boy and his terrific forever family. May he grow healthy and stronger each day and receive God's blessings!!
  5. You just have to keep believing...God does work miracles and has a plan. Blessings upon this newly formed family!! Elizabeth, your posting was truly beautiful as always, such a gift with the words....so much fun for us all to read and see God's graces happening in the New Year.
  6. Welcome baby Drake. May you grow big and strong and be home soon --- can't wait to see your cute little face in the gallery soon!!
  7. I just love beautiful beginnings like this one with God working his miracles to bring together all who love Landon. Congrats!!
  8. Congrats to the wonderful new family formed - lots of fun are in store with a little girl to watch grow!!
  9. Congratulations on the first little girl of 2010- just love the name Juliettte - sounds like a princess in the making
  10. CONGRATS Kenny and Michelle - so happy to see your little angel has arrived. Enjoy!!
  11. What a wonderful story of the bluebird of happiness landing with the Krull family. So happy for all of you and lots of sunshine filled days ahead until you are safely landed back home in WI. Benjamin has a great beginning of many to love him -- welcome!!
  12. I am so sorry to hear the news of Shelly - my prayers for all who grieve her loss and may they receive the love and strength they need to go on in her absence. Blessings be upon all of you.
  13. Welcome baby Luke and many blessings be upon your birthparents and wonderful new family!!
  14. Congratulations and many blessings be with the little guy's birthmom as together you begin a wonderful new chapter!
  15. What an amazing week of beautiful blessings from above. Congratulations to all 3 families!!
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