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  1. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Welcome & Congratulations to all the new Abrazo babes and families!
  2. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Congrats Tara & Eric and BIG brother Hugo! Enjoy this precious time.
  3. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Blessings to Victor & Yuli and all those that love them so much.
  4. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2011

  5. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Congrats to Kristen & Rich and BIG Brother, Alex! Blessings on your newly expanded family!
  6. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Congratulations! Welcome sweet little one!
  7. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Welcome Baby Jakob! Congrats Tonia & Jermaine! You have a beautiful family. God Bless to you and his 1st family.
  8. jerry&robin

    Putting up a Praise!!!

    Congrats! Caroline is beautiful! Mary Helen & Jim you look so happy. Blessings to your newly expanded family.
  9. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2011

    I am in tears and in awe of God's amazing love and grace as I read this birth announcement. Only one of God's miracles ever could have brought this loving mother together with her son's new parents. Tanya & Andrew, from the bottom of our heart CONGRATULATIONS! We are so happy for you and this new miracle in your life. Continued blessings! May God bless the one who made this loving decision. May she have peace in her heart and know that her son is surrounded by love from two people who will surely be amazing parents. Love to the newest family of three! Hugs, Jerry, Robin, Meghan, & Marcus Gomez CONGRATS!!!
  10. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2011

    So THRILLED to read this announcement! Congrats! Enjoy your new angel. Healing and peace for her birthfamily. Can't wait to see a picture.
  11. jerry&robin

    Round Two? Round Three?

    Welcome back! Looking forward to watching your againer journey unfold. Blessings as you work to add to your families.
  12. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Congrats to the newest Abrazo family!
  13. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2010

    Congrats! Blessings to all who love baby Charlie.
  14. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2009

    Wow, I have missed so many wonderful new arrivals! Praise God and blessings to you all!
  15. jerry&robin

    Baby Announcements 2009

    Congrats to the newly expanded family! Blessings to this sweet baby girl and her birthmother.