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  1. Congratulations on your newly formed family. How exciting! Prayers to the birthmother. So many things must be going through her mind. Our daughter's birthmom had the same situation. She went in to the hospital with no idea she was pregnant and two weeks overdue. Luckily her ER doctor was a friend of mine. God is silly sometimes and catches us all by surprise.
  2. My heart is racing. This is so darn awesome.
  3. What a special announcement. I bet there have been a lot of racing hearts this week. God and the Abrazo family will help to guide both families in the coming weeks. Big hugs all around.
  4. Jack and Tam - Your time has come! I bet Trane is loving all your snuggles. Enjoy every moment. And lots of coffee....
  5. Congratulations! So glad you all found each other.
  6. Wisconsin welcomes baby Alex! Our kids will play together for years to come. Yep - you've got a kid!!! Enjoy every moment - you deserve it. Warm snuggles, hugs and butterfly kisses. Life is wonderful.
  7. What a great story and a smart mom. Things would have been very different without Abrazo. Kudos to that social worker - and kudos to Abrazo for being a known and trusted source. Congratulations!
  8. What a wonderful Christmas blessing. Congratulations. I'm guessing you did not have a "silent night" in your hotel room! Big hugs to the young woman who made such a mature and selfless decision.
  9. Wonderful news Fran and Mark! God bless.
  10. Wonderful! Congratulations. Enjoy every moment.
  11. I love the name Riley. Welcome little man to the Abrazo family.
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