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  1. This article was posted for Mother's Day. It is an essay by Nia Vardalos' experience of adoption overnight. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20277865,00.html
  2. I just wanted to share my excitement. I recieved my application this weekend!! I am waiting for school to end and then I am going to dive into it!! One more reason to be excited for the school year to end!! At first I thought I can finish this in one night and then I got to the end!! I want to go home and work on it now but I am at work!! Best of luck to anyone else completely the application right now!!
  3. I completely identify with your concerns!! (So it's not stupid ) It is a leap of faith to put ourselves "out there" in a public way. Good for you for taking a risk! Best of luck!
  4. Holy Moly!!! Okay so I'm freaking out right now...I have to call my dh and make sure he can get off early Friday (just so happens I am off that day...coincidence or fate? LOL). I also have to make arrangements for Cooper, though with my parents I'm sure this won't be hard. OMG Should I overnight my application? Okay...waiting extrememly unpatiently for a return call from the hubby. HELLO?? This is WAY more important than the extremely important huge job he has to have out in an hour. GEESH! LOL Natalie P.s. Thank you for your compliments!! CONGRATS!! What a nice early birthday pre
  5. I agree Donna's post is very helpful. I decided to sent out an email to close family and especially my aunt who is a labor and delivery nurse. We are about to send in our inquiry form into Abrazo but I figured being proactive couldn't hurt. I think I am much more open this second time around. The first time it was a slow reveal to our family that we were adopting. (I come from a large Mexican family with tons of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) Some of the relatives were hurt because they had no idea we were adopting (I hadn't gotten around to them I figured one of the more talkative relati
  6. Congratulations to the newest forever family!!! Prayers go out to her birthmother.
  7. I was also thinking of him today. His picture remains etched in my head. I think because he reminded me of my son. I also pray he is not stuck in the system! I pray he quickly found a forever home. What a sweet little angel.
  8. andy


    I was kind of wondering the same thing as "H". How many inquiries does Abrazo average a month? On average how many of those families are invited to an orientation?? I realize each inquiry is judged on it's own "fit" for Abrazo so you may not have an average. I was just curious!
  9. CONGRATS to all!! Boys are such a blesssing!
  10. I have a feeling that you aren't quite saying what you mean, but if this is genuinely what you mean then I have to strongly disagree and say that NOT choosing a family based on what you can afford seems far more irresponsible to me. Ignoring the financial realities of one's situation when bringing a child into your family seems like the very definition of irresponsibility. d Some very good points. Thank you to everyone who gives us something to think about.
  11. Loriahn, I am glad you had the AP's support. I wish every birthmother had a family like in the movie who were supportive and quick witted! (you will agree once you see the infamous sonogram scene) I warn you though tissues are needed!
  12. I love your personal statement. Thank you for sharing the quote!

  13. Bobbi, I think the name of the movie is "the baby dance". It has one of the saddest endings I have ever seen. But it is a very good movie. As far as people's assumptions that all birthmothers are single unwed mothers. I am always a little entertained when I tell people my son's birthparents were a married couple. They are always so shocked. I think it is hard for people to imagine the kind of love and sacrifice it took for them to place our little guy with us. But we can dispel myths one person at a time if we must.
  14. My husband and I watched the movie when it first came out. I LOVED it! My husband did not. His concerns were the same as Elizabeth's (but not as eloquently stated). He wanted the child to go to a more stable home. "In reality" as he stated there would be concerns about the emotional stress of a new baby and additional stress of a divorce and the adoptive parent's finacial stability now there was changed circumstances. He was also very bothered by "Vanessa's" selfishness in her lack of empathy for "Juno" and her discomfort with "Juno's" relationship with "Mark". I personally loved the p
  15. How blessed you are this Christmas season!! I know this is exactly what you hoped Santa would bring! Congrats Julie and Jon!
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