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  1. Thanks!! I thought so, but was just wondering. And NO Jenny - nothing on my mind I just was curious. After the beating I got with the last one being a surprise I'd be SURE to tell yall if not! Hahaha!!! Yeah, I know one day I'll open my email and see an email saying "Guess What...". I knew once I got you over to Abrazo you'd fly right through!!! LOL You did 2 under 2, will there be a 3 under 3 coming? HA HA! I love your Avatar, I don't think I've seen that picture but it is absolutely adorable. The boys are just too cute and getting so big!!!!
  2. Uh oh Natalie....something on your mind????? Care to share??? Jenny
  3. I love your new avatar. Brayden looks so cute and like such a big boy!!!

  4. It's so sad because being up front and honest is in the best interest of the child and the family and to not give that info doesn't make sense. I wonder how many issues could be avoided in placements that went wrong because of hidden info. I guess they hide it cause if they think the parents know they won't adopt the child (domestic and international)??? I don't know, but it is sad. The radio station here at work always plays Wednesday's child and it's always so heart wrenching. So many people take their families for granted not even thinking twice, fighting over silly things or holding grudges and so many children out there without one, who just want parents who will be there for them. What always makes me the saddest when I hear the "Wednesday's Child" is they say how they love to "help around the house" and they "behave", like they have to try to convince someone why they are worth it. It's just so sad.
  5. Wow, this is so sad and my heart and prayers go out to this brave mother and all 4 of her children. I really hope this mother finds a family that she can embrace that will embrace her and her children. God bless them all.
  6. Also, why do we see so many couples here waiting in the USA for "infants only?" and they pay $30,000 to $100,000 for them, but when it's done in another country it gets such negative feedback. How many PIW here at Abrazo (or any agency) are open to an older child? Isn't it the same principal when they shun parents for going to these countries and adopting young babies or young toddlers instead of older children? Think of all the homes that could be open to foster children, or children of other races. It's so backwards sometimes it makes my head spin. Also, I would have loved to help pay some bills of Louisa's birth mom or given her some money for financial support, but it is ILLEGAL to help them financially in anyway. How come here in the USA in many states we can pay rent, car payments, etc. It don't make sense why we hold some adoptions to certain restrictions and not others. I understand the coercion behind the money, but that very well happens here too and is a sad part of adoption. I also know that just because it is bound to happen doesn't mean we should close our eyes, but I don't think all adoptions need to be banned because of some bad people, or there would be NO ADOPTIONS anywhere! I think it comes down to finding a good, legit agency and a bad one and we all know of one that resides in Texas, and thankfully there is Abrazo, who I would definitely consider a good one and refer anyone I know might adopt too or to their forums to start reading what adoption should be about. Sorry, just a couple more thoughts.
  7. Ugh, that article was hard to read because it was so biased and obviously written by someone who is opposed to international adoption. I have a daughter from Guatemala and I have done and read so much about this. They were shut down due to Hague Convention and because the Government wants to take over adoptions so they can MAKE the money. The babies who are adopted from there are the next set of 3 to 4 year olds you see there on the streets begging for money. Also, another HUGE part of Guatemala adoptions is the BIRTHMOTHERS had the choice, which they are trying to take from them. Many birth mom's there have 3, 4, 5, 6, or even more children they all ready provide for and they cannot take care of another baby, so they relinquish them and know they will come to the USA (most likely), why is it unfair to banish them, demean them, threaten them and call it corruption when we do it here in the USA every single day. There were over 2,000 cases left when the Hague ended adoptions and every single one is being reviewed and extremely looked at, birth mom's were brought back in (some for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th) time and asked over and over again and they cannot care for these babies. I think they found 3 or 4 cases so far that they were "concerened about" and they didn't even claify the birthmom didn't actually do the relinquishing. While I do think the system there did need some restructuring AND oversight, a lot of what happens in Guatemala happens right here in the USA but for some reason it never draws the same attention. Why a Guatemalan woman who relinquishes a child is any different then a birth mom in the USA, blows my mind. Don't all women deserve the choice of what they do with their body and child? Who are we to judge or tell her? We have just as much corruption and money passed here in the USA, if not more and I have no doubt greed plays a part in that as well. It's just funny too me, how a few bad people and bad cases (which is all that's been proven) can cancel adoptions, options for birth mom's and health and education for thousands of children across the world. These one-side anti articles always drive me crazy. Plus, UNICEF has been trying to shut international adoptions down for years and has been successful in many countries, Romania being a perfect example and they (the children) are worse off now then they were before and atleast many children (before UNICEF) might have had a chance at having a family and love. Guatemala will be the next Romania and ending adoptions does nothing for the desperation of many women who found solace in giving life and families to their babies, and it sure doesn't end the EXTREMEM POVERTY in these countries that causes it to begin with. Also, if you think the Guatemala government cares or does anything for thier abandoned children, you would be sadly disappointed to know the truth of their very corrupt system. I guess my point is, remember to read these articles as "opinion and biased pieces" and not truth and facts. Jenny P.S. Hi Heidi!!!!! I've been so swamped with Louisa, Maggie, work, homelife, I haven't got to post but I still check in and this thread still gets emailed to me. Hope you and the boys are good!
  8. CONGRATULATIONS NATALIE, KEITH AND COOPER!!! Welcome Christopher!!! I really can't tell you how thrilled and happy we are for you guys and I definitely think this match was one heaven sent and meant to be. Can't wait to see more pics and hear all about it!!! We'll be thinking of you guys and keeping your sweet birth mommy in our prayers!!! Love, Jenny
  9. Congratulations!!!! Prayers to you all!! What a sweet announcement and joining of hearts!
  10. Heather, I thought about Victoria when I read that post. She was such a little cutie. I also still wonder about Ethan and if he ever found a permanant home and family or is stuck in the system somewhere, he's in our prayers. We are keeping this expecting mom and her baby in our prayers as well. Jenny
  11. Congratulations to all the new families!!! How exciting and blue it is around here right now!! :wub: Jenny & Shawn
  12. Congrats and prayers for all!!! Jenny & Shawn
  13. How exciting!!! CONGRATULATIONS to the two new families. We will keep you and your birth families in our thoughts!!! How blessed! Jenny & Shawn
  14. Congratulations to all the new and beautiful families in the gallery! Prayers to you all! Jenny
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