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  1. Congrats to John and Airi! So happy that the waiting is over. Wow! Congrats Ryan and Becky! Heather
  2. Wow! I have missed so many announcements. Congrats to all!
  3. I wonder too if I am done. We had a close call recently and I wonder what God has in store. I think it's in our adoption mama genes to want more children. Some women I have talked to said they think it's their calling in life.
  4. Wow, I loved your post in the Re-evaluating Your Requirements thread. Really, really loved your honesty and how up-front you were about the situation. It helps to hear the facts like that. I sincerely appreciate it!!

  5. This newest placement has made my day! Congrats to you Darshan and Charu. Blessings to your new baby Krish and his birthfamily. May you always stay close. Heather
  6. What a great Christmas! Congratulations!!! Heather
  7. I feel sad for my daughter Katelyn who does not know her birth family. It's hard for her since we have open relationships with our children's other families. I know she wants to know her Korean grandma. They do not know that she exists. Heather
  8. Let me be the first to say Congratulations! Heather
  9. Lisa, Thanks for putting this out there! I would also love a list of children's books. I forget to write them down and then have no idea where to find them on the forum. I'm looking for books for my AA boy too. Heather
  10. Congratulations! I love the name!
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