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My Daughter's Pregnant... Now What?!

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For moms who just learned of their child's pregnancy, and for those who have watched from afar... For those who still want all the best for their girls, no matter what age old they are...

For mothers who worry, late into the night, and others, who struggle with some guilt,

For mamas who wrestle with unspoken rage over life crises their children have built...

Your baby's "with child" but it wasn't her plan, yet now her choice must be her own.

You need not approve, no, but stand by her side--don't leave her to face this alone!

You cannot rescue her, nor fix her plight, for this "problem" is hers to resolve.

Help her learn all her options, then she'll grow in new ways as her own best plan starts to evolve.

It's a long road, and scary, with no easy end, and you'll both need back-up, others report...

So if you need to vent, or just talk to a friend, check in here, where there's lots of support!

Dear Moms of Moms-To-Be: Welcome. Yours is not an easy place to be in right now, but thanks for "being there" for your pregnant daughter, whatever her circumstances. We want to be here for you, too. So make this your special corner, a safe haven you turn to when you've got questions to ask, feelings to air or thoughts to share. We know you want the best for your baby--and her baby, too. Find here the support you'll need along the way! You've got friends here at the Forum.

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A quick note from all Mom's of Mom's.  During my pregnancy with the triplets.  My Mom became, was and still is my closest friend.  All though my Mom never experienced pregnancy.  She was there beside me. We talked everyday, and still do! We have never been so close.  I wouldn't have made it without my Mom!

So thanks Mom!  and to all other Mom's. Thanks.  You mean more than you could imagine.


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