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  1. Considering Adoption?

    Whether you're pregnant or considering placement for a child already born, you need friends who understand what you're going through. Find support and answers, here!

  2. Pregnancy Info, From A to Z

    Got questions? Know answers? Welcome to St. Abrazo Maternity Center, where you may find anything you ever wanted to know about pregnancy, birthing and thereafter-- no Medicaid or insurance needed for admission. (But please: don't rely on this site for actual medical advice, because that's something only your doctor should provide.) And when it is time to go to the hospital for real, just remember to take Abrazo's number along with you. In case you need a hug.

  3. Persona Grata

    Latin for "welcome person," birthparents need to know they're truly welcome in the life of the child/ren they placed. Members of Abrazo's honored birthparent sorority, make yourself at home. Share special memories. Raise burning questions. Brag on your kid/s. Ponder your future. Test drive your dreams. Whether you're a prior or present birthparent, you can find plenty of support, respect and understanding here. So come on in!

  4. UGoGrl!

    For gals on the grow. An online info swap meet for the self-improvement set. Find the latest on personal empowerment. Confidence-building. Career planning. Educational opportunities. Womens' health. Ego enhancement. Relationship management. (Plus...!) Because there's still so much more to life, beyond pregnancy/adoption. And you can get there from here!

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  5. For BirthFathers Only

    Too often, birthfathers and adopting dads find themselves feeling somewhat left out of the adoption process-- but gathered here are fellow fathers of courage and candor. Calling all you strong, silent types: daddies matter, big time. So speak your piece and have your say. We're listening.

  6. BirthGrandparents & Important Others

    Being the grandparent, aunt or uncle of a child placed for adoption is never easy. Share your thoughts and feelings about what it means to support your loved one's adoption decision, finding your own place in the process, and dealing with life (and family relationships) afterwards.

  7. Birthparent Blogs

    Real-life reports from parents who've placed. Online diaries for those who need to explore emotions, journal journeys, mark memories, heal hurting hearts and dare to dream.

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