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  1. I can just imagine who beautiful this little princess is going to be- Haiwaiian and AA- gorgeous! Hoping the perfect match is found for this special little girl. Tamra
  2. Happy May Day to someone whose continued friendship matters big time! We're so grateful for your ongoing place in Abrazo's Family! Big hugs!

  3. I have a question..... We have a friend of a friend who is beginning to explore the prospect of transracial adoption. They are particularly interested in adopting from Ethiopia or Liberia. This couple does already have three biological children of their own but are feeling the "call" to adopt transracially. Anyways, does Abrazo accept families for their domestic transracial program who do not have documented infertility? There is such a strong need in Abrazo for families open to race, I would LOVE to send them your direction. Let me know.... Thanks, Tamra
  4. A great big CONGRATULATIONS to the newest arrivals. Enjoy the first days with your little bundles of joy and spend all the time you can with the birthparents. These are special days.... Love from Idaho, Tamra
  5. It's funny because we didn't fing Abrazo, they found us (literally!). We had been working briefly with a local Idaho agency who networks with out of state agencies for those families open to transracial adoption. Anyways, Abrazo received our profile the exact same day our daughter's birthparents came into the office with their already born daughter (she was 2 weeks old) and wanted to make an adoption plan. Abrazo had our profile as well as first and last name, but no phone number. It was after office hours here in Idaho and our networking agency was closed so Abrazo had no way of getting our home phone number. Elizabeth did some "detective" work, called my husband's office number (he's a dentist) got the answering service and they relayed the message onto us to call Abrazo immediately. We did, and 2 days later our beautiful baby girl was in out arms. We had a lot of adoption experience (too much I think at times!). In becoming the proud adoptive parents to our three beautiful children, we have worked directly with 6 (counting Abrazo) agencies- the local agencies as well as three different out-of-state agencies. Abrazo is by FAR the most superior agency we have worked worth. Their professionalism as well as kindness can be compared to none. My only regret is that we didn't "find" Abrazo sooner (or them find us). We would have loved to have three Abrazobabes. I keep telling my husband that it's time for #4 but he has not only told me no, but ABSOLUTELY not!! Oh well. My hands are full (for now anyways!) Good luck as you begin your adoption journey. Have faith that the baby that was meant to be in our family will be a member of your forever family! Tamra
  6. Elizabeth, your post about not delaying contact between adopted children and their biological parents is inspiring. It IS our job and responsibility to our children to keep these doors open. However, it's not always so easy..... In our family, our doors, and arms, and phone line, and mailbox has always been open to all three of our childrens birthparents should they chose to contact and develop a closer relationship with their biological children/our family. We've fulfilled our promises to send letters and photos. We yearn for more contact, but it's just not happening. I guess we can just never stop trying to reach out! Just my Thoughts, Tamra
  7. I, like all of you, get tired of trying to explain and justify open adoption to people who are just plain ignorant. For the couple at your church, maybe share your own adoption story along with suggesting that the couple reading some books on open adoption. "The Open Adoption Experience" by Melina is a good one to start with. I think that people in general are afraid of the unknow. Open adoption can be frightening especially if they see the birthparents as a threat. However, even with its ups and downs, open adoption is the BEST option. By embracing our childs first family, we are accepting all aspects of our child including their "roots"/biological origins. Just my thoughts, Tamra
  8. I've been thinking a lot about the above mentioned situation and it just breaks my heart. It makes me sad for the birthmother who has perhaps lost her faith in the adoptive parents she chose for her first child. Shame on them for letting her down and being too "busy" to talk and "forgetting" to call her back. There are no excuses great enough. We're all busy, with work, children, household chores, outside responsibilities, but we should never, ever be too busy for those who we love and care about. After what she had given them....a chance to become parents. It makes me sad for the biological siblings that they won't be raised in the same home. Thank goodness she still has faith in Abrazo and is willing to give adoption another chance. I wonder if the entire situation (her wanting to chose another adoptive family) could have been avoided if both parties involved would have been clearer about their expectations and communicated better. Let this be a lesson learned for all of us, BE THERE FOR YOUR BIRTHPARENTS! Many of them have been through so much in their lives and we need to be a source of stability, encouragement, and unconditional love for them- NO MATTER WHAT!!!! Thanks for letting me vent! Tamra
  9. Wow! Every time I log on it seems there has been another placement! How exciting for all those involved. Hug thoses babies tight. They'll grow and change before your very eyes! Tamra
  10. Ashleigh (and anyone else who may be new to the forum ), Welcome to a wonderful online community. I am a "vetran" adoptive mother of 3 wonderful children, all brought into our family through adoption. We have A LOT of various adoption experiences. Although each of our children was brought through agency adoption, we worked with three different agencies plus a networking agency here locally in Idaho (plus a couple of other agencies where we experienced failed matches). All that I can say is that Abrazo is by far the BEST agency we have ever worked with. I would totally, completely, 100% reccommend then to any aportive parent considering pursuing adoption. We have been impressed with their professionalism, completeness in paperwork, and committment to their families AFTER they are placed with their child. Again, welcome to a great community and congratulations on finding an INCREDIBLE agency! Tamra
  11. Congratulations to all of the families who have recently welcomed their little bundles of joys (and birthfamilies) into their lives. May they bring you much happiness. Take lots and lots of photos. They'll change right before your very eyes! All this excitement make me want to do it all again (just kidding- our house is full- 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband is about all I can handle- for now anyways Tamra
  12. Hey Tamra! Just saying hi! its been awhile since ive been on here...lol.... take care!! love u guys

  13. Laural, Good luck as you begin our journey for child #2. I remember back in early 2003 when we going starting the process for a second time. I remember being scared and thinking, "How could possibly love another child as much as I love Mason (our oldest son)?" Love is a funny thing. It just grows and grows with the addition of each child Tamra
  14. What great advice everyone has given about the profiles! I wish I would have had such wonderful advice as I was starting our profile with adoption #1. I completely agree, the photo profiles are VERY important. They are one chance you have to give birthparents a glimpse of who you are and why you would be wonderful parents. Our profiles got progressively longer with the adoptions of our first, second, and third children. I guess we just had more to "show off" We never included a wedding photo (we've now been married 14 years), but we did include lots of photos of Devin and I together, having fun. We did put in a photo of our two dogs (labs) as well as a photo of our house. We were torn about whether we should put in a photo of our house since we didn't want to seem conceited (we live in a very nice,large home). After much debate, we did include a photo of our home. Birthmothers told us they liked that fact that our kids looked so happy and that we obviously did so many fun family activities. Good luck to all of you as you begine this very exciting journey! Tamra
  15. Wow! Some of the things that people say. Ugh...... Infertility is hard, no matter what anyone says. I think that some people deal with it easier than others. I know what made me and my husband accept our "unexplained infertility" (we're a medical mystery to all the doctors) was the realization that everything happens for a reason. Chance/fate/luck brought our children ito our lives through the absolute miracle of adoption and reaffirmed our belief in a higher being. Just my thoughts, Tamra
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