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  1. Happy Birthday Sherri!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    And hoping you have a super terrific day. Hugs to you and Kristal!

  3. Happy 40th! Did you celebrate this one for the extra special occassion?

    Cathy Hendricks

  4. Its been almost three months since Kristal placed Colby and she is still adjusting to the loss of her chance to parent him. As you know, if you follow the forum, Kristal placed Colby with the best AP ever. She still struggles with it. I offer advice, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on and an ear, but sometimes I am still at a loss as what to do to help her through this. I am hoping she gets into some counseling for her grief, there just are not alot of support groups out there for BP. A support group for someone who has suffered a loss, like death, is not really the right compromise. Bu
  5. Kristal has moved back home. It's crowded but we are doing well. She had school financing set up through the TRC before she left San Antonio. The TRC office here said that she has lost that financing because she moved back here, and will have to reapply. She may not qualify now because she is supported by us. If she is homeless, they will help her with school financing. Because she is supported by her parents, she may no longer qualify. I did not think that made alot of sense, but its a Govt. agency so why I thought it would make sense to anyone, I don't know! It may delay her star
  6. Thanks for the welcome. We just got back Tuesday from a trip to see Colby, Angie, and the boys. It was a wonderful trip and Kristal and I had such a great time. Angie is WONDERFUL (and I don't say it because she reads the forum!)!!!! She has welcomed all of us into her family. The adoption process has been made so much easier for all of us because of Angie's willingness to communicate, and her not being closed off to us. Each time Kristal and I see her and Colby we come away more and more sure that this was the right decision to make for Colby. If she was not so open to us, we would sti
  7. Hi. My name is Sherri (otherwise known as smarkum) and I am fairly new to Abrazo and the Forum. My daughter recently placed her son in an adoption that Abrazo was a part of. She was matched with the BEST adoptive parents ever. I expected that the adoption would not touch me very much because, after all, it was an open adoption. Boy, was I ever surprised! I was amazed at how much I cared for his new family and at how much I loved him! I did not have any knowledge about adoption before we started this process, and I still have a lot to learn. Some future grandparents might not rea
  8. I read this posting from cgrace and my heart just broke. I think Elizabeth hit the nail on the head about the BGM having past issues and problems. It is obvious that the relationship has not always been close, or the BP would have told her mom from the beginning what she was doing. After the blow-up, the BP most likely just wanted to "vent" to someone who would understand her pain and issues, and you obviously share a bond. I have found that most people don't know what to say or how to respond if you talk to them about adoption, so your BP called someone who does understand...You. Just be
  9. Yes, I have met the adoptive mother, and I really like her. I think she will be an excellent mother for my grandson. She is so excited and I am so excited for her.
  10. My daughter got pregnant and contemplated abortion. She decided to give the baby up for adoption and I back her completely. She has grown up through all of this (she's just 19) and realizes she can barely take care of herself. I am proud of her for making the tough decision, because this is a huge sacrifice for her. Some people I work with are surprised because they think I should have decided to raise her baby. I explain to them that I had no interest in starting over, and with the open adoption, its not like the child will be out of our lives forever. I listen to my daughter talk about
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