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  1. Happy birthday, Angela!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the photo, Susan. What a testament to the effort that you and Bill have put into building a relationship with Adrian's family. I never could quite find the words to post after Adrian's passing, but loved your tribute to both he and Lisa. It still makes me sad to think Adrian never got to meet Tasia and Jenna, but I also know from my communication with him over the years how much your letters and pictures meant to him. I'm also thrilled that because of your commitment, the girls will know their birthfamily and get to know Adrian from those that knew and loved him most.
  3. © © Abrazo

  4. I enjoyed getting to know Rick in the time they spent around here after Ethan was born. I know Rick and Donna enjoyed being at Camp and especially enjoyed the times they were able to spend with Ethan since the placement. I will be keeping Rick's family including Mike, Kelly and Ethan in my prayers during this very difficult time.
  5. I am very saddened to hear the news of Penny's passing. I had the pleasure of working with Penny many times over my time here and very much enjoyed meeting with her on our trips to Memphis. She was a blessing to the adoption community and she will be missed. Praying for all those that loved her.
  6. I was extremely shocked and saddened to hear of this great loss. I am adding my prayers for Bridget, Lucas, and the entire Arredondo family during this most difficult time.
  7. Today is one of those days that teaches us how important it is to take advantage of every minute we are given with our loved ones. Today we mourn the loss of two of Abrazo's family members... Rev. Vanderwerf passed away last night with his daughter by his side. Elizabeth's daddy has proudly supported his daugher and the Abrazo community over the years in many different ways. From participating in Camp Abrazo to providing transportation to a local birthmom who otherwise often found herself walking home alone at night from work. Rev. Vanderwerf was truly an amazing man who will be missed by many. This morning also brought the news of the passing of one of our birthmoms, Tracy. It was just last December that Tracy gave birth to both a son and daughter. Knowing she wasn't able to provide the life she dreamed for them, she lovingly placed them in the care of a childless couple from Missouri. Surely they treasure the time they were able to spend with her in the days following the placement of the children they all loved. Please keep their families in your prayers in the days and weeks to come.
  8. I too was very saddened to hear the news of Priscilla's passing yesterday. I will be keeping Glenn and all those who loved Priscilla, including Joel and Hope, in my thoughts and prayers.
  9. Oh, but they do. I have heard it on many occasions sitting in birthparent support group. The "girls" will be talking about their chosen families and say "my adoptive parents..." They of course don't mean it literally, but they do feel a sense of ownership. They show off your profiles/pictures to each other so everyone in the group can get to know you as well. I have also heard on many occasions the girls debating over who's adoptive parents are the best, i.e. "I have the best adoptive parents," "No, my adoptive parents are the best parents!" I find this type of conversation quite endearing, not awkward. Also, isn't calling a woman a birthparent before she places essentially the same thing as calling parents who adopted, adoptive parents after the adoption is finalized? Would this not be just as offensive???
  10. Photos of both new families are in the gallery! Keeping all in my thoughts tonight and saying a special prayer for the birthparents and their extended families who were an intregal part of today's placements.
  11. Auntie Ang


    As an adoption professional, one of the hardest tasks we have is evaluating inquiries to assess a "fit" between applicants and the agency. Aside from specific criteria (i.e. age, length of marriage, infertility diagnosis), there typically isn't any one item on the inquiry that would deter us from approving the inquiry, rather a combination of factors. Ultimately when approving inquiries, we have to give first preference to families who make ideal placement resources for the children we are placing. It is no secret that we place a large number of full Hispanic children here at Abrazo. So families open to full Hispanic children are always needed and space at our orientations is always saved for those couples. Obviously, families also open to a variety of other backgrounds including African American and biracial children are always desirable as placement resources as well. (Please note: children of Anglo/Hispanic background are not bi-racial--both are of the Caucasian race. "Biracial" denotes descendents of two races, ie., Anglo/African American, Hispanic/African American, Asian/African American, etc.) In addition, we do limit the space that's available for couples already parenting. We find that couples with a child/children already in the home wait longer than first time parents-to-be, although birthparents are more receptive to placing with families with adopted children, vs. biological. Are there exceptions to this? Absolutely; however, in our experience a large number of our birthparents do prefer childless couples. Would the fact that you have a child be the sole factor in determining whether we approve or deny your inquiry? No; it would also depend on other factors, such as level of openness, geographic location, willingness to consider older children, etc. I do realize how difficult it must be to receive a letter stating we are unable to proceed to the application step, but I hope that no family has deterred their dreams of building/expanding their family solely because we were unable to assist them. There is no shortage of adoption agencies out there and every agency decides their own admittance criteria, so hopefully with enough research everyone can find "the right" agency for them.
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