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    Austin, Texas...and anywhere else the road takes me.
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    I am interested in getting this business adventure off the ground. I am taking all of the steps necessary to become a Certified Professional Organizer. Helping those who need it to get their lives organized, one closet / garage / spare junk room at a time. I will start school in Spring 2010 at Texas State University to earn my BS in Interior Design. I FINALLY have a plan!


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    devouring any literature tha i can get my hands on...

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  1. Happy Birthday, birthday twin! :)

  2. Thanks for a wonderful Camp Experience this year!

  3. I posted this somewhere else recently. I just saw juno for the first time about a month ago. the soundtrack RULES! The Rotten Peaches have become one of my fav bands...killer! Ryan loves her as well! I think that the insight to closed or semi open adoptions is brilliant. I NEVER understood it before watching this movie. I loved it!
  4. My Dear Friend, Melissa Kelley died on friday night. I am so sad. She took care of me for the first 10 days after my knee surgery. She told me that I am like a sister to her. I couldn't agree more. Please pray for her Husband, Kindel. And her sons, Joey, Aaron and Mike.
  5. Everything that I hoped for is coming true for my Delaney...I couldn't ask for more.
  6. Wow-- what a gorgeous new avatar, Ms. Thang! Nice to see you back on the Forum, you've been missed!

  7. Congratulations to all of the Tots. I loved meeting you a couple of months ago-and look at how many of you have placed!! When looks like now huh?? hug sto you all and good luck! Amanda
  8. Congratulations! What an awesome month!!!
  9. I love that I am Delaney's Birthmother. I am honored to hold this "title." You say potato. I say potato. (that is really a funny word) Later in her life, when she talks about our relationship, I would love for her to refer to me as Amanda, her birthmommy (mother) whatever. Just as long as she refers to me. ...which I know that she will... hugs to all- Amanda
  10. Ok, I thought for a while on how to respond to this one, so pardon the fumbles. When I decided that I was going to place Delaney with an adoptive family-my mind was made up. I think that I spent a lot of energy convincing myself that this was the right choice. There's just no way to kitty-cat-foot around saying that. I think that with any life changing decision, you weigh the action to reaction ratio for every single option. I know that I did. I disappeared from Abrazo's radar for, like, a month. Then I saw a commercial for a Disney Cruise and I thought to myself--I won't ever be able to do that. There is no way on earth that I will ever be able to even relax with my family-I can hardly support myself and I work out of town!!!and I can't breathe.. The thought of placing my child was very comforting. I just had to think about the real of it. ya know? I will elaborate later-gotta go to work! hugs-Amanda
  11. I don't take offense to being claimed as "my birthmom" It's kind of like "my sister" or "my family" I can't even think of how Jennifer refers to me other than just Amanda. Way to go on the correct verbage practices!! Kudos to all! hugs- Amanda Laney's birthmother.
  12. Curiosity!!! Alethea, where Are you???? hugs-Amanda
  13. Every time Jennifer and I go out together, someone asks if we are sisters. I love that!!! I had no idea what Jen and Doug looked like when we 'clicked' on the phone. Turns out we look like family!! There were also the times when we went to play at Babies are Us and our birthing class and we got those (are they a lesbian couple) looks. LOL LOL LOL!!! How funny right, Jen?? aaahh, good times.
  14. I told my parents after I matched with Jen & Doug. I wanted to have as much info as possible before even telling them that I was pregnant. I wanted to have a game plan. Otherwise I would have freaked out!! So- that's that. A.
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