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  1. What a great ending to the story. Congrats to all!
  2. Yeah, great job Melissa! I love the Embassy Suites and wish those discounts were there last summer...hopefully they will keep up the discounts for years to come. It definitely helps and there may be some days (especially during the 48+ hour wait) that the manager's reception will come in handy!
  3. Welcome Marae, I remember those days when we were waiting after sending the inquiry and then again after sending the application. Soon you will know and things will start to move quickly! We have had a great experience with Abrazo and are glad you want to join the family!
  4. Yeah, Scott and I have talked about that too. Luke and Landon almost look like brothers. Hopefully they will get to meet someday!

  5. This is a great story about your daughter. Thank you for sharing!
  6. Welcome Amy and thanks for sharing your story and thoughts. As an adoptive parent who placed with our first child, Landon, in July I can tell you that everyone has different opinions on what they'd want to be called. And I think the most important thing in chosing an adoptive couple is to make sure you can be comfortable in having those conversations. I know that all the couples we met at our orientation are understanding and always looking for what's best for the child and it's close network of parents. I can't even imagine how hard it was to make the decisions you've made to this point an
  7. Congrats Pete & Joanne! And welcome to the world Baby Anthony! Can't wait to see your photo.
  8. In my opinion, I think everyone should attend orientation if it's possible. I know it helped us a lot to get a perspective of what the process is, and getting to meet a couple birthparents and a family that have adopted children was priceless for us. Their stories really helped us understand what people go through, more than reading it in an article or book (although the books I've read have been very helpful too but there is nothing like hearing a story firsthand). That said, if adopted families are needed and there are just a few couples ready for orientation then it seems that letting
  9. Congrats Steven and Melissa...and welcome to the world baby Oliver!
  10. Welcome to Abrazo Jim & Laura!
  11. Nevermind...I see that it's Lilypie and found the website for it. :)

  12. Hi Erin, I like the caterpillar showing Azucena's age...how do you get that on your signature?

  13. Jocelyn


    Welcome Jim and Laura and look forward to following your journey!
  14. Congratulations Will and Melissa!
  15. Congratulations Alicia and Nate and can't wait to see pics!
  16. Congratulations Kenny & Michelle and welcome to the world baby Carter!
  17. Jocelyn


    Welcome to Abrazo Allie & Ross and look forward to hearing more about your journey as it continues.
  18. Jocelyn


    Our profile was kind of a hybrid - Scott is a graphic designer so he designed the background and type and printed them off on a nice color printer, we then mounted that paper to some heavier board to make it sturdy - and then we used real photos and scrapbooking stuff to put on the photos and some other sticker type stuff. That seemed to give it a homemade feel - which I think helps. The advice we were given in orientation was not to make it look too perfect. Scott wanted to do the entire thing on the computer, but we decided it would be better to have some homemade elements on it. We just mad
  19. Jocelyn


    Welcome Amy & Craig and look forward to reading more about your journey as it unfolds!
  20. Mari, Never lose that hope. The power of positive thinking and looking forward to the future when your daughter has a healthy body again and the need for less doctors, I believe can have a great impact on what happens. No matter what, everything happens for a reason and usually one can emerge stronger than when they first got into that situation or chapter in their life. You are in our thoughts! Jocelyn
  21. Welcome Bill and Tara! My husband Scott and I went through orientation the beginning of February and matched about 6 weeks later, so we are still somewhat "newbies" in the process, but have found that the topics on the forum help a lot. Definitely look around like Melissa suggested as the postings help answer questions and can give you an idea of the process. Everyone on hear is really nice and helpful, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  22. I forgot to set your avatar so your pic shows on your postings, remind me the next time I'm at your house and I can set that for you (I need to reduce the size of the photo).

  23. Welcome Mimi! I have found that this forum gives you a great look into the world of adoption and like reading people's stories. My just got my mom to join earlier this week but I don't think she's been on the play around yet.
  24. Hello there! I see you have joined...that is great! If you need help navigating let me know. Check out the New Grands section to introduce yourself.

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