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  1. We brought Victor home at 5 years 3 months (along with his little sis Julie) he will be 9 next month. I am thrilled to see another Abrazo family grow this way. Please let me know if you need to talk or if you want to ask about our journey thus far. We are here. Congrats and love to all in her great big family!
  2. PRAYERS and LOVE to all in the adopttion triad! And YAY!!! for another toddler adoption. If you have any questions/concerns about the transition and growing your relationship with his first family PLEASE do not hesitate to ask ...... we are 3.5 years into the placement of Victor and Julie and life with these two is amazing.
  3. I have been thinking about all of you and praying for you this morning. Brings back so many memories for me (all positive). Seeing the dry erase board note brought tears to my eyes. I will check in with you in a few days...and we will be in NOLA the first weekend in November for a cousins wedding and would love to find time to cross the lake and visit!
  4. Whooooo hooooo! What a whirlwind. Praying for all who love this sweet girl and for the testimony to letting go and letting God...cause he is good. ALL THE TIME!
  5. We Skyped with Victor and Julie's bps for the first time today. It went SO well. The kids were much more engaged in the conversation and you could tell it meant alot to Stacey and David! Julie said her ABCs for them and Victor read them a book....even held the book so they could see the pics!
  6. Congrats for your first day. Prayers for all as they adjust.
  7. Prayers for all who love this little bunny. If we can help in any way...let us know. As we are on the countdown to finalization this placement brings tears to my eyes as I think back to that day and precious little 2 1/2 year old who came into our lives thanks to Abrazo and her very loving first family.
  8. I had a person tell me "Oh, you're taking the easy way" when I told her of our plans to adopt. Since she obviously had no clue what we had been through physically, emotionally or financially while undergoing fertility treatments, I just bit my tongue, smiled and said "well bless your heart" (which is Southern for, jerk or any other term a nice Southern lady doesn't said out loud). Lisa The people who say things like that are SO CLUELESS. I wouold just say "I can see how you might think that, but you have no idea how difficult adoption can be. Many people can have kids, but you must be QUALIFIED to adopt."
  9. Beth - would you please share how you started this process. Thanks!
  10. Our social worker in SC has put us in touch with a CPA who has experience with adoption tax credit and has filed quite a few. This CPA also does our social worker's business taxes.... I am clinging to her and hope it will make the process MUCH easier (taxes TERRIFY me)
  11. I said I was through but here is the P.S. This document from the IRS indicates the expenses for 2010 and 2011 are refundable. It is also a good review of what the code states. It was reviewed and updated in Dec 2011. I am going to take an Aleve now and leave the rest to our numbers gal.
  12. Jenni - and other - thought this might be of interest for you given that the first child was not the one God had intended to be in your family. Eligible expenses must be "directly related" to the adoption of an eligible child. This may include adoption fees, legal fees, and court costs. Expenses for a failed adoption might qualify for the credit if followed by a successful adoption, but the two adoption efforts would be considered as one adoption and subject to the dollar limit per eligible child. The editors of JK Lasser's Your Income Tax advise. It is all confusing...but I do know those in the TIKLV group can claim the initial application, orientation, pre-adoption education and escrow fees. Also included would be travel and lodging for the orientation. This is because all of this occurs in 2010 and for nonfinalized adoptions you claim the following year. As I am not a CPA or expert by any means - I am signing out on this topic!
  13. Ok - I am confused.....but this was from the IRS site ( http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=220809,00.html ) - updated 1/3/2012. Spotlights the need for an experienced CPA! Adoption Credit The Affordable Care Act raises the maximum adoption credit to $13,360 per child, up from $13,170 in 2010 and $12,150 in 2009. The adoption tax credit is refundable for tax year 2011, meaning that eligible taxpayers can get it even if they owe no tax for that year. In general, the credit is based on the reasonable and necessary expenses related to a legal adoption, including adoption fees, court costs, attorney’s fees and travel expenses. Income limits and other special rules apply. In addition to attaching Form 8839, Qualified Adoption Expenses (see instructions), eligible taxpayers must include with their 2011 paper tax return one or more adoption-related documents to avoid delaying their refund. Taxpayers may also be asked, after filing their returns, to substantiate any qualified adoption expenses they paid. For other information, see our news release, tax tip, questions and answers, flyer, Notice 2010-66, Revenue Procedure 2010-31, Revenue Procedure 2010-35 and Revenue Procedure 2011-52. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQryETwRziA&feature=email
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