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    Congratulations to all the families!
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    Congratulations to all the new forever families.
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    Nursery Notes

    This here is truly a wonderful picture. Congratulations to this forever family!
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    Nursery Notes

    We adopted an older child (our second). He was over a year old when he entered our home. Adopting an older child can be just as exciting as a newborn - believe me, we've experienced both situations. I would ask each of you that are PIW to gather the pertinent information then prayerfully consider this situation. I am so glad we did just that almost 8 years ago!
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    Congratulations to all.
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    Welcome Julie, We adopted in 1996 from ABRAZO. I have been a forum member since 2001. This forum is a great place to gather information and gain support.
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    Congratulations Rich & Kristen!!!
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    Congratulations to the Ventura Family!
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    If It Happens Again...

    Our family will be praying for this dear Birthmom as she makes decisions in the days to come.
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    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congratulation to the new forever family!
  13. I've been reading this topic for the past couple of days. As most of you know, we are a transcultural family. Yes, sometimes we get those "weird stares and off color comments". We have learned to respond positively and move on and not let those comments be barriers to our family. I must share an experience with you that happened recently relating to our son. He is playing on a basketball team and one of the children on that team made a rude comment to our son. The comment was directed to imply that due to our son being a different color he was not an "American". It hurt, but after some tears and loads of hugging time between our son and us his parents, we decided to make the best out of the situation. So the next week (game day), our son took an extra $1 and bought his teammate a Gatorade drink and began talking with him and invited him to attend AWANA (Bible class at our church). This past week our son's teammate attended the AWANA class and today told our son he had a great time and wants to come back this coming Wednesday. The barrier of our son being a different color was no longer an issue between our son or his teammate and it's all due to how we as a family reacted to the comment. Yes, we were upset by the comment and yes, we were hurt cause our son was deeply hurt. We could have made a HUGE scene over the comment, but decided as a family we would move forward with the love of Christ. It has made all the difference. My son has seen how reacting in a positive way is much better and more effective vs. reacting in a negative way and the beauty of it for our son and his teammate is they each have made a new friend! There will always be those that live on this earth that don't agree with the decisions on how we grow our family but it's up to us (as parents) to seek within our own hearts and find the peace that passes all understanding on how our family is to be grown. I will be praying for those of you that are making decisions as you consider Elizabeth's request.
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    Welcome to all the beginner Parents in Waiting, We adopted through ABRAZO over 10 years ago. You will be truly blessed by working with the ABRAZO staff.