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  1. I've never cared much about the celebrity adoption stories before, but I have to admit the news that Future Hall-of-famer and Atlanta Brave Tom Glavine recently adopted a newborn made me very excited.
  2. Maybe this is old news to y'all, but a few weeks ago there was a story on This American Life where one of their reporters sat with a woman planning to place her child for adoption as she sifted through profiles. I'm not sure her responses were "typical" in any way (if such a thing as 'typical' even exists), I found it to be really interesting. Their description of the segment: You can stream the whole audio of the show at their website. (Incidentally, I also recommend the first two stories in the episode even if they have nothing to do with adoption.)
  3. Thank you all so much. Words cannot describe how happy we are right now, enough so that I will even overlook all the emoticons and use one myself.
  4. This is what makes us different. I don't give to charities because I get a tax deduction. I give to causes that I passionately believe in. My donation is my effort to make a difference with the limited funds that I can provide. I don't even keep records for tax purposes (sorry Anthony ). Much of what we give is untraceable, because it doesn't matter where it came from, as long as it helps. Wait a second...you are putting words in my mouth here. I don't give to charities BECAUSE of the tax deductions, and I didn't say that I did. I do take advantage of the tax deductions that our
  5. I completely agree with this point, but I think that I draw from it different conclusions than you do. I think that all children are priceless -- or, said differently, all children have value well beyond whatever fees are being paid to an agency to assist with placement -- and this is why I don't think that having differential prices for different adoptions in any way implies that the children involved in those adoptions are less valuable. Put another way, there are plenty of adoption agencies out there that charge more than Abrazo does for their services -- is anyone arguing that this mean
  6. Yeesh...you're so old fashioned, John. This is the 21st century!
  7. I have to say that this wasn't my interpretation of what happened in the movie. Clearly he felt a connection with Juno and that connection helped empower him to leave Vanessa, and I agree that there was something creepy about their interactions, but I don't think he was leaving Vanessa to be with Juno -- he was leaving her to try to recapture parts of his youth that he felt he had lost and that his current situation wouldn't let him recapture.
  8. I just have to throw in that i think that JK Simmons (who played Juno's father) seems to be perfectly cast in every role he does. From this role to his role as Garth Pancake in THE LADYKILLERS or J Jonah Jameson in the SPIDERMAN movies or his parts in many many tv shows, I think he is one of the more underrated character actors out there these days.
  9. It's interesting that you bring up the question of "how true to life" it was, because lots of people talk about the realism of movies and other than certain scifi movies I'm not really sure how one could assess that. I thought that the writer and cast of Juno did an excellent job of creating the characters -- especially of Juno herself, but the rest of the cast as well -- and I can't immediately think of any parts of it where the characters did things that seemed implausible or unrealistic for who they were presented to be. There are obviously lots of different adoption stories out there, an
  10. YAY!! We LOVE having daddies on the Forum! Jump in and speak your mind (now that you've recovered from that tequila-soaked weekend in Texas.) Adam needs some male companionship around here! Welcome.

  11. You're the last member to join listed on the main Forum page!

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