Abrazo Forum

What is the Abrazo Forum? The Abrazo Forum is our agency’s unique online community, with over a thousand members who have placed, adopted, been adopted (or love someone who was.) There, Abrazofolk meet daily to exchange thoughts, share questions, laugh and learn. It’s for birthparents and adoptive parents and their family members, for adoptees, for staff and grandparents and anyone who is committed to Abrazo’s work and the people it touches.

Forum members with over 1500 posts who remain active for a minimum of a half-year following the completion of their adoptions and who have demonstrated their loyalty to the Abrazo family gain Elite status. This qualifies them to mentor Abrazo’s newer clients and moderate the Forum like the experts that they are. They gather at an annual Elite Retreat in the Smokey Mountains each spring, and provide invaluable leadership to Abrazo’s entire online community.

Forum membership is free to friends of Abrazo and clients and alumni in good standing. Members (who provide verifiable identification information for the safety of Abrazokids who may be pictured on the Forum) have access to hundreds of topic areas, adoption-related and otherwise, from parenting advice to sports talk to a recipe corner, to career tips to dating stories and much, much more. (Plus annual camp photos, orientation group portraits, placement pictures, staff snaps, and members’ online albums.)

Check out the Abrazo Forum. Abrazo’s Forum is addictive, but it’s a healthy habit, so make it your own!