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Prayer for an Adoptive Family


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I found this today and thought it was beautiful!

We have waited for so long

for this child of choice.

Bless us

with an abundance of your love

that we may be good parents,

that we may create a home of blessing,

that we may encourage this child

to the fullness of his/her potential.

Bless our child, O God.

Give her security in our family,

the joy of laughter in our home,

and the courage to face

the challenges ahead.

Let our child know the love

we feel so deeply for her,

and let this love be a strength

to confront the opportunities of life.


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How beautiful

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I found this online today and wanted to dedicate it to our Parents-in-Waiting...


Some dream of big houses

Or shiny new cars,

Ours is to someday

Hold a baby that’s ours.

Some dream of more money

To hoard and to keep,

Mine is to someday

Rock my baby to sleep.

Some dream of careers

In buildings so tall,

His is to someday

Toss his kid a baseball.

Some dream of great power

To be strong and tough,

Ours is to someday

Have a child to love.

Some dream of things

Such as silver and gold

Ours is of the day

Our child we’ll hold.

~Susan Reardon

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