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  1. I know that there are places that women can turn to, but is there anything that would have made it easier to talk to anyone? I think that a compassionate ear might be helpful.
  2. And think, he is back at work!! SO glad you aren't a doctor, fireman, or other emergency person!
  3. Paris Hilton said something stupid and ignorant? I'm so surprised! A perfect example of why she SHOULDN'T adopt (at least not in the near future). I'm not saying that people can't change, but it wouldn't be beneficial for anyone right now.
  4. Surely there is no SW (or judge for that matter) that would approve her for placement or grant the finalization anytime in the near future. I know that people can change over time, so I wouldn't say that she will never be a fit parent, but her current plans certainly don't seem to show that she is ready for the seriousness of parenting!!
  5. Congratulations! Your girls are absolutely beautiful!!!
  6. Prayers for you guys this weekend Cathy! Follow your hearts and speak slowly. Our families were supportive of adoption, but we met with some hesitation when they learned that we were adopting an AA baby. As far as our families go, it is all a non-issue. I will pray that your family will see that this is your hearts' desires and that they will be supportive even though they may not completely understand what it all means just yet!
  7. Congratulations Adam and Beth! Prayers for "C" as well.
  8. One thing about obesity is that there is an issue there (at least healthwise) and it is one that CANNOT be hidden. People can drink too much, be workaholics, complete slobs or most anything else and you can hide it if you choose to (at least for the duration of an adoption). Pre- and post-placement appointments are made in advance, so many of the issues that may cause concern are able to be "cleaned up" for the necessary time. If adoption professionals wanted to, they could look closely enough to disqualify many if not most potential adoptive parents. As professional as a person tries to be, it is a subjective evaluation...personal opinion counts.
  9. Weight is always such a delicate issue, whether someone weighs too little or too much. I'm curious if someone who is anorexic would be considered as an adoptive parent, considering there are major health risks there. Also, with mobility being the issue for the 500 lb. man, would someone with physical handicaps be discounted as well? What about chronic diseases? People with major heart history issues? I know that many agencies stop at certain ages. How old is too old to adopt? I know that we want to give children the best life possible. A life without any issues is not reality. I know that we already face issues having a transracial family. I will do the best I can. That is pretty much the same with my weight issues. Arianna doesn't miss out on anything because of my weight. I am not an obese person that sits on the sofa all day. I never have been. I hated having a desk job because I don't like to be still. Arianna loves going for our walks (well, she's still in the stroller)! I think that it would be best to leave as a case by case basis. If a SW feels that the family would be a good fit and would provide a good home, I don't understand why a judge wouldn't consent to it. The one thing I didn't see mentioned is if the man has gained the weight since their first adoption (since it did say that this is the same judge that granted the first one). That could be a red flag. Just my thoughts...
  10. In the follow-up story it appears that the adoption story was a cover up for the actual events that ended the life of the baby.
  11. Awesome! Congratulations to the new family! Praying for all involved.
  12. Looking forward to hearing the good news, whenever it is!
  13. Praying for the new family to be formed!
  14. What a special little girl! If only we were further along with Arianna! She will be a wonderful blessing to a family, and praying for that family to surface soon!
  15. I guess I haven't thought of it that way, but we were in contact with several agencies as well, trying to figure out who we felt the most comfortable with. Some that came highly recommended just didn't seem to be right for us, so it is certainly an individual thing. I haven't been in contact with another agency that encourages open adoptions so strongly as Abrazo does. Not that it is good or bad, but they are all different.
  16. The H3 placement post brought tears to my eyes! We are so happy for the newest family...ENJOY!!!!
  17. What awesome news! Congratulations to the new family of four!!!
  18. Wow! I see what happens when I am out of the loop for a few days!! LOL! Congratulations to the new families! May you be able to enjoy the good days and remember the not-so-good ones fondly.
  19. Welcome to the newest family! We love baby girls!
  20. Great ideas Elizabeth! We got it done and are good to go now!
  21. I scanned through here and didn't find anything for our situation. Most of you know that we have Arianna, and have had her for six weeks now. I spoke with her birthmother for the first time almost two weeks ago. She is wanting the profile ASAP, and I think I have some of the components down, but what about the dear birthmother letter? Should I write it to her specifically? She knows that we have not done one before as we didn't get that far in the process. Gathering pics was all we had done. What about other things? Should I address it as we know what is going on? Should I keep it more generic? If some birthmommys could give me a clue as to what they think would be appropriate. I want to honor Arianna and her birthmother. I don't want to offend her birthmother, either. Is it as fine of a line as it feels? Thanks in advance!
  22. Agreed regarding daycare. Yes, things are a bit different between the streets. I think the IT group over there has a bit more flexible scheduling as I know my buddy in IT over there works 7:30 -4:30. Wish I could do that. My former employer let me work 7-4 which was great. We just got MLK as a holiday last year. But, the hospital took away our day after Thanksgiving holiday. So, it was a swap. A lot of people are unhappy about it. Not upset at all regarding MLK, but very unhappy that they now have to burn a personal holiday or vacation day to get the day after thanksgiving off which they had off for years. Yeah, well. We supposedly don't have "flex" time anywhere in our organization, but that's a bunch of bull. I was thinking that you lost the Friday after Thanksgiving, but I wasn't for sure. It is funny, too, because we don't have the same insurance group. Dale's doctor isn't one of the providers for your plan, but he is for ours. When we first changed to my plan from his, the dr office kept telling us they weren't in the plan because all they saw on my card was the hospital name. HELLO! Ours was on there first. Anyway, I wasn't able to take any sick time during my "maternity leave." I didn't give birth, so I had no note from my doctor saying I wasn't able to work.
  23. Adam, don't forget how great an onsite daycare could be! Some of the things are great, and others not so much. It cracks me up, too how different it can be "across the street." MLK day is not a holiday for us!!
  24. Heidi, we certainly have!! I have to say that it was awesome of Griffin to make that observation. If we as adults could be so bold to speak out like that.
  25. Pink is my new favorite color! Congratulations to the newest family!
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