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  1. What a wonderful announcement! Prayers for all!
  2. What a special day! So happy and excited for you family and can't wait to hear more about your sweet little baby boy!
  3. What a joyous homecoming on so many levels!
  4. Deb_w

    Could you send me an invite for pinterest?


    Thanks Dee!

  5. I invited you to pinterest! Have fun!

  6. I invited you to pinterest! Have fun!

  7. I would love if you could please send a invite for pinterest.



  8. Congratulations to this family went the extra mile for the love of one little boy and and a special birthfamily. May God bless and be with you all!
  9. I have such a happy heart for the Paredes family today!! Congrat's!
  10. Mari, Your pictures of Sloane are beautiful! You can tell how loved she is by looking at the pictures with her surrounded by family!! You did not do anything wrong when trying to comment under a picture. That feature has restricted access depending upon how many chili peppers you have (posts). I think you have to have elite standing to do this, so keep posting!!
  11. As much as I would love to say it is us, it is not!! Sorry Heidi. Let the guessing begin...
  12. Love how new families are made! Best wishes on a lifetime of openness and committment for this newest angel!
  13. LOVE the new pictures of Payton!! She is absolutely beautiful!

  14. Heartfelt prayers for both families tonight. May these children always have the love of both families to surround them, comfort them and adore them!
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