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  1. What a wonderful announcement! Prayers for all!
  2. What a special day! So happy and excited for you family and can't wait to hear more about your sweet little baby boy!
  3. What a joyous homecoming on so many levels!
  4. I invited you to pinterest! Have fun!

  5. I invited you to pinterest! Have fun!

  6. Congratulations to this family went the extra mile for the love of one little boy and and a special birthfamily. May God bless and be with you all!
  7. I have such a happy heart for the Paredes family today!! Congrat's!
  8. Mari, Your pictures of Sloane are beautiful! You can tell how loved she is by looking at the pictures with her surrounded by family!! You did not do anything wrong when trying to comment under a picture. That feature has restricted access depending upon how many chili peppers you have (posts). I think you have to have elite standing to do this, so keep posting!!
  9. As much as I would love to say it is us, it is not!! Sorry Heidi. Let the guessing begin...
  10. Love how new families are made! Best wishes on a lifetime of openness and committment for this newest angel!
  11. Heartfelt prayers for both families tonight. May these children always have the love of both families to surround them, comfort them and adore them!
  12. Congratulations to the newest abrazo babe!!!
  13. Three sweet new bundles! Congratulations to all the newest formed families. Lifting up the ones who made all these dreams come true!
  14. Congratulations to the Wilson's!! What a loved little boy!
  15. Congratulations to the newest family formed today! May the relationships you share today continue to grow!!
  16. dee

    Yeah Chris! So happy you have joined the forum! Loved your profile and can't wait to see you and Tara holding a little bundle of your own!

  17. What a special announcement! Congratulations and prayers for all!
  18. Can't wait to see ya'll holding a sweet little one!!

  19. What a beautiful announcement! So happy for the newest formed family! Congrat's
  20. What a wonderful job Renee! Very sentimental and moving. I love the music, so many memories and precious families formed by these amazing women! Thanks for including our family in the video!!!
  21. What a special announcement!! Congratulations to the newest formed family!!!
  22. Great topic you brought up Amy!! Welcome to Abrazo, I hope you feel the love and support of all those on the forum. For us the "labels" have changed as our daughter is getting older. We call Payton's birthmother, "Momma Brooke". We also call her, "Momma Brooke, your belly mommy". Only because, at 3 1/2 she understands that. She told everyone at school yesterday that she misses her Momma Brooke. The teachers were very confused and she explained to them that she was her "belly mommy" and that she loves and misses her. When I arrived at school, the teachers asked me if she was adopted. I p
  23. Welcome to the newest bundle of joy! May you always be a TREAT to the ones who love you!!
  24. Congrat's Steven and Melissa! It's truely amazing to witness God's hand in the building of families!! May your hearts always be as full as they are today!! Wishing you much happiness in the sleepness nights ahead!!!!!
  25. Congratulations to all the newest families formed through the miracle of open adoption!!!!
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