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  1. Congratulations to both of the newest families. Darren and Kay your little boy is such a cutie. And to Jessica, Julie and Jonathan may you enjoy the time you get to spend together. May God bless these families and watch over them always.
  2. I was deeply saddened to hear the news this morning of the passing of Professor Randy Pausch. This incredible courageous man has left a wonderful legacy for his children and really for all of us. I was moved to watch his speech and it reminded me to live life to its fullest since this is the only one you get. My deepest sympathies to his family and I hope that his passion for life will live on through all of us who remember to not take life for granted.
  3. Congratulations to Jeremy, Jessica and baby Grant. Such wonderful smiling faces in the photo and here's sending thoughts to the birthmom and may she find peace in her decision and enjoy the wonderful family she helped to create.
  4. One cute little boy had his whole life changed yesterday. He came to our office and had us all smiling and playing with him. He captured our hearts and sure to do that to anyone he encounters. May blessings be with this new family, his birthmother and the couple who watched and cared for him so well.
  5. Congratulations to the newest family. Miss Shauna, I am thinking about you and hope to see you at the office this week. Take care and my thoughts are with all involved.
  6. Congratulations to all!! May the proud parents enjoy every minute with their two boys and for the birthmother may you find peace and comfort during this time.
  7. Congratulations to a very happy couple and a mighty proud big sister. Through laughter and tears this baby boy has found his forever family and with a birthmama who has warmed our hearts and made us laugh this family is one that is just full of personality. This is one lucky boy and he has a lot of love to surround him. Our love surrounds his birthmother who we have seen grow over the months and who has come into our office and has made us laugh, or made us cry but in some way has given us a little piece of herself to us all that we will always remember.
  8. What a beautiful picture in the gallery of the new family. That little girl looks mighty happy and I must say that I could not help but notice the permanent grins on both Patti and Steve's faces. All is how it should be!! My thoughts and prayers go out to the birthmother who will forever be a part of our Abrazo family and may at some point come around to being a part of the family she help to create. God Bless to all. Mona
  9. Congratulations to the newest sets of parents. My thoughts and prayers are with all involved.
  10. Congratulations to the newest family. This little girl is in a house full of lots of love from her siblings. Have fun big brother and big sister.
  11. Congratulations to Joshua Thomas who has created a big loving family. What with Laurel and Casey and big brother Zachary and his wonderful birthfamily, this little guy will never be short on love. My thoughts and heart go out to the special birthmother whom I was privileged to get to know and what a special woman she is. This special gal can make you laugh and cry all in the same conversation and with that much personality Joshua is sure to be a big hit. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL INVOLVED!
  12. Congratulations Brad and Amy and your special bundle of joy.
  13. Congratulations to both new families and their wonderful bundles of blue. May both families enjoy this time with the birthfamilies. To all involved in both placements I keep you in my heart and my prayers.
  14. Congratulations to this beautiful new family. I feel truly blessed to see the transformation made by the birthmother from when she first came to be at Abrazo. Since the word Abrazo means "hug" and everyone knows how we feel about those, well, this birthmom was not very keen on receiving them at first, but now she is the first to give them out. I applaud her on how much she has grown. Many blessings to all involved. Mona
  15. Congratulations to baby girl Ava. She is loved by so many and her birthmother and birthsister have a special place in my heart. This newly expanded family is what I have come to observe as one that is a true testament of what open adoption is really all about.
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