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  1. He was indeed such a nice man and I feel so sad for his wife and daughter. I remember how close he and his daughter were and my hearts so sad for their loss. For those of you who dont recognize the name, their screen name is MinnieVanMommy and they adopted in I think 1995. Our prayers are with their family. Sandi
  2. Congrats to the two newest Forever families. What an amazing Thanksgiving it was for you and one you will never forget. Peace to the first families and their courageous decisions. Enjoy your little boys. Sandi
  3. Congratulations Andy & Jill, I am sure she was worth the wait. Enjoy your time in Texas and your new relationship with Olivia's first family, you will never get this time back and it is so precious. Sandi
  4. Congratulations to Ric & Teresa and Mark & Erin....what a wonderful blessing for ALL involved and how cool to be able to share this event with another from your orientation group. Not sure if you are in the same city but how cool if you are. Enjoy your little ones and never forget the first families who helped make your dreams come true!! Sandi
  5. Congratulations to the Two new families and peace to their birthfamilies.....what an exciting new ride you are all on. And how cool that both are from the same group hope your in the same town hanging out and enjoying your little ones. Sandi
  6. Huge Congratulations to Denver and Tracey and Tara and Eric! What a wonderful day for the Stickybacks and most especially for the two new families blessed with little boys. Peace to the birthfamilies as they try to sort thru both the joy and sadness this decision brings. Enjoy these babies and Happy Fathers Day to both men. Ladies you also got your Mothers day, just a little late but better late than never. Enjoy your time together it is so precious. Sandi
  7. Congratulations to the new and extended joyfully blessed family. May your days and nights be filled with adult and baby laughter. Sandi
  8. Congratulations Lori & Bill what a wonderful end to your story and an amazing beginning to your new life. As I say to everyone which is so true, take MANY pictures and keep a journal because this time will go so fast and you will forget many of the special little things. Enjoy your little boy and the continuing relationship with his BP, this is all so special. Sandi
  9. Congrats Lee Family and A, what a blessing!!! Sandi
  10. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO BILL, SUSAN, TASIA & ELEKTRA...............what a blessing. I am so happy for your family and have been hoping that there would be good news for you guys soon. I cannot believe that it was over three years ago that we met for the first time at orientation and Tasia was so tiny. Now look at us, we have FIVE kids between us, how crazy is that!!!! Enjoy your little girl and hoping that you have a long and happy new relationship with the birthfamily.....YAY!!!! Sandi
  11. Congratulations to ALL of the new placements what a wonderful 2009 it has been. It is only March and there are now 9 new Abrazo Tots (ours included ), the stork is definitely on a roll. Everyone enjoy your babies and relish the time that you have. As the mother of an almost 3 year old I cannot even fathom where the time has gone. I can remember back to the time where I thought I would be the one person that Abrazo could just not place and now I have 3 kids......WOW!!! Take pictures keep a journal and absorb every moment. Sandi
  12. YAY, the official announcement is here...CONGRATS to all involved (too many to mention by name ) and may your relationship continue to stay and even grow as you welcome another member to your extended family. Enjoy and cherish every moment. Love, The Romandetta's PS. Just saw the photo, how beautiful you all look and so happy....isnt it amazing how big Ethan now looks once you have a newborn!!!
  13. Thanks so much everyone for the kind words and congratulations. We are over the moon with joy, heartbroken for Aime and so exhausted . This has been such a whirlwind journey from the beginning and we cannot believe that they are here. They are beutiful and so sweet and are doing great. We are all "home" from the hospital and chilling out in our hotel all together. Aime is staying with us and it is such an amazing experience for all of us and her daughter Kayla is even coming to stay for a day or so and Skye is super excited. Who would have thought almost three years after we got Skye and barely any contact from Aime that we would ALL be in a hotel room taking care of "our" twins together, what an amazing time it is. As joyful as I would like to be I cannot feel totally happy when I see the sadness in her eyes and for that I am at a loss. I just hate that we all cant be happy at the outcome but that is not possible or it would be called surrogacy and not adoption. I know how happy she is for Skye and the boys and that is good, but that doesnt take away from her loss. So Skye is so happy about them and just wants to kiss all over them but unfortunately ran a fever of almost 102 on placement day and is just starting to feel a little better but isnt allowed to kiss on them. She keeps talking to them about all of the things they are gonna do together and she even said she is going to protect them, SO SWEET!! OK well I am gonna go do a loud of laundry.....what a glamorous life I lead and then go do nothing.....thanks again all. Sandi (Mommy of 3 )
  14. Congratulations to all of the new parents and wow the Stork sure has been busy with some new blue bundles, I guess there will be quite a few new people on the bringing up boys thread. enjoy all of the first moments and really treasure what is most important....family that comes in all shapes and all sizes. Take lots of pictures and video because these days will be a happy/exhausted/bittersweet/did I say exhauseted blur and they are so precious. Sandi WOW....that last placement must have been extra special to have Elizabeth posting at 5:00am because we know how she feels about real early mornings.....unless she was up from the nite before
  15. Congratulations Paul and Kristy, and welcome Baby Luke! Enjoy this time it is truly a blessing. Sandi
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