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  1. Congratulations to the newest families - enjoy the twins........and welcome beautiful baby girl - a month wow, that's fast Welcome to the world little ones!!! Keeping their birthfamilies in our thoughts as well.
  2. To the new family of J's.......keeping all of you in our thoughts tonight and wishing you much love and happiness as a new family! Welcome baby Jack - may you feel the love of all who care for you and welcome to the 3x5 gang! Much love and many good wishes,
  3. Many many congratulations to you Darren and Kay and welcome little Elliott! Enjoy his every moment!
  4. Many many wonderful congratulations Dyna and Glenn and welcome Ty! May you enjoy every moment of parenthood and all Ty's firsts! Thoughts of healing to his birthfamily as well. Love you guys tons! Yay another 3x5 babe!!!! Lots of love
  5. Many congrats to the new family - welcome Parker......healing thoughts to the birthfamily
  6. Congrats Merritt family - love your avatar of your kids together! Welcome baby Ethan!!!!
  7. Congrats Patti and Steve - so thrilled for your family! Enjoy your new daughter!
  8. Josh and Kara - many congratulations to you both and welcome baby Julia! We are so happy to hear that your dreams have come true! Welcome baby Christopher - what a whirlwind for your new parents!!!! Many many congrats to you!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME Taylor - may your life be filled with blessings galore!!

  10. Congratulations Laurel and Casey and big brother and welcome to the world little Joshua - sounds like a wonderful bond between birth and adoptive families! Keeping all in our thoughts today!
  11. Jeff and Michelle and Brad and Amy - many congratulations to you both and what beautiful announcements to welcome each of your new sons..........enjoy their every moment and many best wishes to the birthfamilies who brought them to you!
  12. Welcome baby Ethan - love your name and congrats Wendy and Jason! Enjoy his every moment and your first moments as a family. Keeping his birthfamily in our thoughts as well.
  13. Keeping all involved in our thoughts tonight........may she be matched with a family to lend her and her baby support when it is needed most.
  14. Congratulations........we have been following your journey and are so thrilled for you........many many happy thoughts to you to your new daughter and her birthfamily!
  15. How heartbreaking........hoping that they can find a family close by for these beautiful and all too deserving children.
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