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  1. Congratulations Donna, Tony and Ethan on the arrival of Gavin into your family! Special prayers are being lifted for you, and for the sweet birthparents and birthfamily today. Susan
  2. Welcome Baby Sloan! Congratulations Shelley and Joe! We are keeping all of you in our prayers and will pray for strength and lots of new developments in days and weeks ahead! We are also keeping the birthmother and her family in our prayers tonight! How fun to have the first Piggybacker! Susan
  3. Congratulations Guy and Linda!!!!! We are so happy about this news!
  4. I just love the photo...especially of Skye checking out her new baby brothers!! Enjoy these early precious days...
  5. Congratulations Scott and Sandi on the arrival of the precious little boys!! Isn't it almost 3 years to the day of when you did your first Tots orientation? I still remember the conversation we had with you then when Tasia was just "wee big"! Both Bill and I were thrilled to hear the news. Special hugs to big sister Skye. And prayers are being lifted for Aime as she makes such a loving choice to place the boys with you, and their birthsister!! Open adoption really rocks! And so does Abrazo....Happy New Year! Susan
  6. Wow, Donna and Tony -- this is wonderful news! We are so excited for you, and for Ethan. We are also lifting up prayers for their sweet birthmother! Susan
  7. Yes, I too have lit a candle for Elizabeth's Daddy and for her and the family.
  8. We are so saddened to hear of your Dad's passing, Elizabeth. Please know that we are keeping you, your brother, your boys, and all who have been so touched by your Dad in our prayers. Love, Susan and Bill
  9. Great news to wake up to this morning!! Congrats to all involved...
  10. Yay! I see the photo on the Gallery...How sweet he is... Congratulations again!
  11. Hi Elizabeth -- I have alerted both of our social workers/local agencies -- Adoptions Together in the DC area and Carolina Adoption Services in Roanoke, VA/Greensboro, NC. We will keep everyone involved in our prayers! Susan
  12. A birth announcement we all have been waiting for! Blessings for Ellen, who has been so amazing about sharing your journey with us every step of the way..and know that we are here for you in the days and months ahead. All of our best for Jen and Amos as you start your parenthood journey, for we too look forward to being here for you. May God hold you especially close tonight!
  13. I woke up this morning thinking about this mother and her four children...praying that they find a new family here soon!
  14. This brings tears to my eyes, Suzi -- I think it is always meaningful as someone goes to heaven, that another one is given. May Collin bring healing, strength and joy to your family as you all grieve little Tristan who left this earth way too young.... What a special story of the name Collin... You sound so peaceful and happy...know that we are thinking of you. PS -- and the photo is adorable! Susan
  15. Suzi and Ben -- We rejoice with you, just as we have prayed for you and C so much in the last days, for today at last you are parents to one adorable and precious little boy, and you are forever family with one amazing and dear birthmother. Special prayers are being lifted this evening for her as she processes her decision and prepares for her days ahead. Know how close we hold all three of you -- and your dear son -- tonight. Love, Susan and Bill
  16. What an adorable little guy with the cutest of pink cheeks!! Congratulations Paul and Kristy -- enjoy your early precious days. Susan
  17. Yay!! It is great to see that the Stork is back!! Congratulations Chris and Heather on the arrival of your little bundle in your arms. And prayers are going up for the sweet birthmother tonight. Susan
  18. Glenn, we are holding you and your family in our prayers. We are so saddened by your loss of Priscilla. May you feel the warmth of your Abrazo community in the days and weeks ahead. Susan
  19. Congratulations Ann and Matt on the arrival of your little baby girl! Prayers going up for everyone tonight, especially for the little girl's sweet birthmother -- Susan
  20. Congratulations Lana and Joey -- and Sienna and Joaquin are just beautiful!! Prayers tonight for the twins' birthmother. Susan
  21. What a very touching announcement! We are keeping you in our prayers tonight Jessika, and are sending out big congrats to Julie and Jonathan! Welcome to Jack!
  22. Dear Kay and Darren -- An announcement we have all been waiting for!! Congratulations on the arrival of Elliott and his sweet birthfamily into your life! Please know how much we continue to keep you in our prayers and we cannot wait to hear more details... Susan
  23. Congrats to the newest Tent family!! Wow, has the Stork been busy this week! And prayers for the birthmother who made all of this possible. Susan
  24. Prayers and blessings going up for all involved! Cannot wait to hear all of the details! Susan
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