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  1. TeddyRae

    Baby Announcements 2011

    Wow! What a ride you two have been on to get to this point today. I am so thrilled and have tears in my eyes just thinking what a great mom and dad you two are, and the fact you guys finally took this step in faith. Long long journey and many congrats! Can't wait to see the little handsome boy. He is going to rock your world. Maralou
  2. TeddyRae

    Baby Announcements 2009

    How wonderful to have so many miracles happen. I can't believe that I have missed so much exitment and placements. Congrats to all the families. May you enjoy every second of this wonderful life.
  3. TeddyRae

    Baby Announcements 2009

    Yippeeeeeeee! It is nice seeing how the gift of openness really works and the love that it just keeps on coming. BP you are loved from so many directions, Tony, Donna, Ethan, Gavin, and BF you are so perfect.
  4. TeddyRae


    Well I just made a couple of calls, I hope I can help and get the class full!
  5. TeddyRae

    Baby Announcements 2009

    What a dream come true! Amazing just amazing for everyone involved......
  6. TeddyRae

    Especially for Abrazo's Againers

    Yipeeeeeee! Bernados Family!!!!!
  7. TeddyRae

    Baby Announcements 2008

    Congrats to the newest abrazo family!
  8. TeddyRae

    Financing An Adoption

    Well that just made me cry!
  9. TeddyRae

    Baby Announcements 2008

    Wow - Congrats to the newest abrazo family.
  10. TeddyRae

    Baby Announcements 2008

    What a great think to read! Congrats to the newest families!
  11. TeddyRae

    Adopting a second time

    That is the sweetest story! I would, after that do the same thing!
  12. TeddyRae

    Baby Announcements 2008

    Congratulations Kay and Darren! Wow - a little boy - two sisters, what a big family!
  13. TeddyRae

    Baby Announcements 2008

    Wow, congrats, so exciting to have a new child in this world and to know that the parents found them here instead of overseas. Congrats to everyone.
  14. TeddyRae

    Baby Announcements 2008

    Congrats to the new families!!! Enjoy
  15. TeddyRae

    Baby Announcements 2008

    What a wonderful story - Congrats to all the families and the extension that came from this independence day weekend.