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  1. Wow! What a ride you two have been on to get to this point today. I am so thrilled and have tears in my eyes just thinking what a great mom and dad you two are, and the fact you guys finally took this step in faith. Long long journey and many congrats! Can't wait to see the little handsome boy. He is going to rock your world. Maralou
  2. How wonderful to have so many miracles happen. I can't believe that I have missed so much exitment and placements. Congrats to all the families. May you enjoy every second of this wonderful life.
  3. Yippeeeeeeee! It is nice seeing how the gift of openness really works and the love that it just keeps on coming. BP you are loved from so many directions, Tony, Donna, Ethan, Gavin, and BF you are so perfect.
  4. Well I just made a couple of calls, I hope I can help and get the class full!
  5. What a dream come true! Amazing just amazing for everyone involved......
  6. Congrats to the newest abrazo family!
  7. Wow - Congrats to the newest abrazo family.
  8. What a great think to read! Congrats to the newest families!
  9. That is the sweetest story! I would, after that do the same thing!
  10. Congratulations Kay and Darren! Wow - a little boy - two sisters, what a big family!
  11. Wow, congrats, so exciting to have a new child in this world and to know that the parents found them here instead of overseas. Congrats to everyone.
  12. Congrats to the new families!!! Enjoy
  13. What a wonderful story - Congrats to all the families and the extension that came from this independence day weekend.
  14. I love it too when I hear Tyler use Mommy Teresa or Madre Teresa - But right now the entire house is on first name basis - Maralou - no Mommy - no Maralou - Craig - no Daddy - NO Craig. Same for any family member that walks through the door. He started called - Poppy - Daddy - just because I run around saying it.
  15. You know, I really have no opinion about this. I have experienced with Teresa, she doesn't like BP - so we call her sister and Tyler calls her now Madre or Teresa. I don't think she liked the Title ever so we never use/used it with her - but she does understand that she is the Birth Mom. Now Adoptive Parents - seems to not be offensive, because I do live that, and it isn't or wasn't offensive and maybe it is because we were on the receiving side of the greatest gift in the world. The Title has a better public acceptance. But, I do see your point - Birth Mom is after placement, before pl
  16. Congrats! Parker - you are one blessed child to have so many people love you!
  17. WOW! How exciting to Tennessee? Congrats to all the families! WOW! How exciting to Tennessee? Congrats to all the families! WOW! How exciting to Tennessee? Congrats to all the families! WOW! How exciting to Tennessee? Congrats to all the families! WOW! How exciting to Tennessee? Congrats to all the families!
  18. This all seems so exciting! I can't wait to see how everything goes.
  19. Erin and Mark - Congrats on the invite - you will have a great time at orientation. And, head starts are always good.
  20. You know this is one of the reasons I have been scared to be an againer. I have feared not being able to maintain a close relationship with two birth moms to the level that we do with Teresa. I know picking up the phone is one thing or sending pictures is another, but our trips might slow down right now we see her about two times a year, it would be hard to commit to the same thing with a new birth mother. Plus, I do feel she would have these same feelings as above. It is nice you have that relationship and it is even nicer that you have faced these challenges and are ready. Congrats, c
  21. Congrats ETHAN You have some great parents and the best BIG SISTER
  22. Elizabeth - Craig and I still to this day give you credit for helping us with our Adoption process. We talk about it with everyone interested in adoption. Listen to Elizabeth because without her we would not have Tyler. I still laugh about Tyler staying with Teresa the second night after placement and you calling me . Just go with it, Openness is the best thing in the world! I love getting phone calls from Teresa, I love seeing her, and I love when she sends cards for Tyler to open when he is older. I just love everything about it!
  23. Welcome Danette and Chris - You will really enjoy the forum and all the people. You can get so many questions answered to help you through the process. Home Study - no you don't have to have completed. But, I will say, the sooner it is completed the better, you never know if you will get a call or tapped on the shoulder that same weekend as orientation. I have seen families come down for Camp Abrazo and go home 1 or 2 members larger and that weekend isn't even orientation.
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