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  1. Well, a big Happy Thanksgiving from Memphis!! Congratulations and enjoy your little one!!!
  2. Well, Happy Thanksgiving to you Dr. Mom!!! Congratulations and have a blessed Thanksgiving!! Hugs from Elvis land !
  3. YEAH! Congratulations!! Lots of Hugs from Tennessee!
  4. Glad to know that someone else was up at 4:18? Someone suggested the same thing to me a couple of weeks ago. So, I decided that was probably a good idea, so I took a whole lot of time and printed probably at least 250 posts or so!! Right now I just have the posts in a 3-ring binder --- not very pretty but it will work for now. I'm going to get a little behind in my printing while I'm in SA, but I'll catch up when I get home.
  5. I've been waiting a long time to see a baby annoucement just for me (us 3). How exciting!! Someone's getting hungry .....better run.
  6. I'm a MOM!! Did you guys hear? I'm a Mommie!! Hannah= Favor, grace, blessed by God Grace = God's grace Joe and I can't thank you enough for your consistent prayers over the past several months and espeically during the past several days!! I'm watching Daddy hold that adorable bundle of joy right now --- it's quite a sight.
  7. Congratulations!!! Enjoy your bundle of blue!!
  8. CONGRATULATIONS!! Enjoy your miracle and your Texas stay!!
  9. HE-HAW Chad and Sharon !! We are soooo excited for you guys! We've been holding our breath for you guys!!!
  10. Congrats!! We are so very excited for you. I just love reading those baby annoucements ! Enjoy your sleepless night this evening. I can't even imagine how wonderful it will be!!
  11. CONGRATULATIONS Summer Strollers. May your summer strolls always be pleasant!! Okay, so I'm not a poet. There's probably a reason I prepare tax returns in my real job, huh?
  12. Angie, Wade & sons, CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited and relieved for you. When I got to work this morning, I ran to the girls room while my computer was warming up....and it hit me. I hadn't seen a Baby Announcement yet and I was thinking it would be here by now. So, I was suddenly panicked. Then, I came back and saw my "inbox" and saw a ton of Abrazo messages --- which seems to typically indicate that there has been an annoucement. I frantically searched for the message that said "Stork Central". WHEW!! I'm so relieved. Anyone else out there as crazy as me? Again Congratulat
  13. Suzy, I totally agree with Laurie re: the homestudy. We had ours finished before going to orientation. We were sooooo glad that we did. Because Abrazo had its own set of paperwork and requirements to handle upon returning from orientation.
  14. Suzy, Welcome aboard! There are a couple of forum topics that might be helpful to you under "newbie central": Financing an Adoption Resumes & Profiles You might want to check those out and see if they give you any good input. Also, worry is allowed....some. But we try to turn it into excitment rather than worry. Have a good day.
  15. YEAH Chris & Amanda!!! We are so excited for you guys! Post pictures as soon as you can.
  16. Congratulations Jeff & Amy! Enjoy your time with your bundle of orange!!
  17. As someone said the other day. My mind is racing a lot faster than I can type. I'm sooooooooooooo excited for you, Craig and Maralou. I can't wait to hear each and every detail. CONGRATULATIONS!! . Maybe you should have gotten that nursery ready after all, huh? I can't wait to hear from you. Hopefully, we'll see the 3 of you for a few minutes on Monday as we're passing back through Dallas from SA.
  18. Absolutely stunning news!! Lots of hugs from Tennessee. Congratulations!!
  19. WOW.... I just got goosebumps!! Isabel.....how beautiful. I'm sure she is beautiful as well. How very exciting!!!
  20. I'm talking to Maralou and we think it's Albert and Melinda. I think they were having a girl...........Well, congratulations whomever
  21. Congratulations to whomever the lucky Peas are !! I spoke with Maralou around lunch yesterday to get a status report, so I don't think it's them ? The baby hadn't been born yet, so they couldn't have taken placement last night, could they?? Could it be that Melinda and Albert's little one made an appearance prior to Labor Day weekend?
  22. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! You're definitely riding high on God's wings now! Congratulations Tim and Amy. Lots of HUGS from Tennessee. Better get those pictures posted soon. And we want a baby name to go with him !!
  23. The thing I think about is that God personally has adopted each and every one of us. So, it's a very natural thing for me to think about adoption for myself since God decided to go ahead and adopt me with all of my flaws (although that thought process took a lot of time, prayer and soul searching on my part )!
  24. Hey Celeste, It's looks like you are posting and not just lurking out there. I enjoyed speaking with you a couple of weeks ago. Good luck on starting your journey!
  25. WOW! I've been waiting to see a post like this --- it seems like forever!! Congratulations!! We are so excited for you guys. I can't even imagine the emotions all of you must have. I sure hope you got that much needed sleep last night. Many hugs from Tennessee.
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