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  1. Jim & Andrea, I'm not on the forum much anymore. But the 1st thing I check is to see in the gallery if there is a new baby picture for you guys. I knew the date was getting close. I was just thinking this morning that new baby and Gavin would be 4 1/2 years apart. That's perfect! We are so, so excited for you guys. And I especially love the name!! Can't wait to meet her. Hopefully at the reunion at the end of August?!? Toni
  2. Congratulations to Ethan Jack, who is so lucky to be loved by so many. Boys are fun too!!
  3. How exciting. Congratulations on your new bundles of joy. And a very Merry Christmas!!
  4. UNDER 2?!?!? YIKES!!! I wanted children at least 4 years apart. Oh well, God has his own plans and defnitely knows what's best for us. Someone once told me that having 2 children is not double the work, it's more like 4 times the work. Uhhhh and they weren't joking. I don't know why that is, but it's true.
  5. A belated congratulations to you Beth & Adam and your new bundle of blue!
  6. Okay, now that comment really gets under my skin. After we were blessed with Gracie's presence in our lives, it broke my heart to realize that I missed 1 single second of her life. I was blessed to meet Gracie when she was 7 minutes old. But I missed the first 39 weeks and 7 minutes of her life. And for that I was very sad. People don't get it and they certainly don't think!
  7. I've even had people that have a lot of experience with infertility make the following comment to me (since I'm now 32 weeks pregnant). "Yeah, that (pregnancy) happens all the time to those people with 'unexplained infertility'. " That's funny, my doctor sure didn't think my infertility was "unexplained." Adoption/Pregnancy --- it all has some serious labor pains. Comments like really get me heated under the collar. Because to me those people are forgetting what a complete MIRACLE that all of it (adoption/pregnancy) is!! As Celeste stated so eloquently CLUELESS!!!
  8. And when it (pregnancy) does miraculously happen to you, you just hate to hear that almost "I told you so - Adopt and see you get pregnant." --- Nevermind the fact that we hadn't had any birthcontrol for 5 years and the doctor said it was a less than 1% chance it would happen. It's like people don't see adoption/babies/pregnancy for the miracle that God has made it!
  9. Okay, I had to go back like 4 or 5 pages to even find the baby announcement! I guess you could say everyone was holding their breath. Congratulations Lisa, Lance, Kayleigh, Meg and the rest of Brennan's family! p.s. well said suebee!!
  10. Up until about 2.5 months ago, it was reading my Bible at about 5:15 a.m. each morning followed by my morning outside run/or sometimes a gym workout......then I was always ready to take on the world (once I saw what God was creating outside each morning, life was good---be it rain, sleet or shine) ...............Now...it's reading my Bible first thing, but not so early, since I'm not allowed to exercise right now.
  11. Been wondering where that picture was, but I didn't want to bug you guys! Thanks Auntie Ang! Beautiful girl!!
  12. Thanks so much Debbie!!

  13. The pictures of the new formed families are wonderful. Congratulations to all! God is Good....All the Time!!
  14. I don't think you can ever get use to these baby announcements. They always give me chills! Like mlw, my feet are doing the happy dance!! I'm so very excited for you Claudia and your newly expanded family. God is good....All the time.
  15. Can't she find a hobby other than adoption?
  16. This subject was (is) never an issue for either of our families. On the Luther side of the family, let me tell you once you're "in the family, you are in the family". And that's that! They constantly ask about our birthparents and want to know if there's something they can do to help them in any way or just to do something nice for them to show them how appreciative they are. And if I had to venture to say, I would say the grandparents have bonded more with Gracie than the other grandchildren because of the miraculous way she joined our family. On my side of the family, the youngest gr
  17. YEAH!! Debra, Maury & Big Sis!!! I'm so excited for you guys. I just saw the picture. Was Samantha ever quite that little?? They grow so fast. Enjoy your time together as a family of 4. Peace to the birthfamily during this time in their lives.
  18. Tina, Wanna hear something crazy? Once we decided on adoption, I said I was completely done with keeping track of the monthly cycle. And I really did. I was so done with it all. Now since I don't keep track whatsoever, I never know when my friend may be coming for a visit. So, at least every month or every other month, I think to myself "I bet I'm pregnant". And I'm not sad or disappointed when my friend comes, I'm just amazed that I still even think that. I guess "it" never completely goes away. But I now feel so much more trusting of God's plan -- whatever that may be.
  19. Rhonda, It has always been my impression that they are the only 2 SWs in Memphis?
  20. I'm not at all surprised about Moms in their 50s. However, while I do think when you have children older (like me), you are mentally more prepared for all of it...............but physically.... well, the 20 something body / energy would probably be a great help to me!!
  21. Hallelujah!! To echo everyone else --- the STROLLER IS FULL!!! YIPPEE!!!! WAHOO!!! Congratulations on your bundle of PINK!!!
  22. Congratulations to the new bundles of pink and to the Fishies!!
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