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  1. Congratulations Marcelo and Claudia! Glad to hear this wonderful news.
  2. Congratulations! Love to hear about the new families!
  3. Wonderful story of a great beginning! Congrats to the new family!
  4. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....

  5. Tears this morning for a friend we knew too briefly. We remember Stacey as a woman full of life, energy and the burning desire to be a Mom. God Bless Mike and Gabi today, and all who mourn her loss. This is a day of sadness. May she be at peace today with the Lord.
  6. What a great story of faith! Congratulations!
  7. Congratulations! What a great day... and blessings for all those who still wait patiently for their special day!!! (it's hard sometimes, but let these placements remind you that it is WHEN, not if!
  8. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to our wonderful friends the Steadmans! God Bless You All!
  9. Terribly sad to hear of this news. We will keep your family in our prayers.
  10. Congratulations! God Bless this tiny miracle and her adoring parents.
  11. Congratulations Sandi, Scott, Skye, Eli, Griffin and "A"... we are all so very happy for you guys! We're anxious for you all to get back to NJ so we can meet your new little guys! Hooray!!! (Scott, I can tell by the look on your face that the balance of power has shifted... 3-2... congrats!!!)
  12. Elizabeth - are "celebrities" subjected the same rules as the rest of us? Do they have to have home studies, etc... or can they work out private adoptions without any of the paperwork? I am curious about this. It seems that when these folks lives, warts and all, are played out in the media, it would be awfully hard to ever receive an "objective" fair evaluation. I would think the statement "adopting to save the marriage" would be reason enough to preclude them from adopting. Just my 2 cents...
  13. Welcome to the world Luke Andrew! We are so delighted that you have arrived and thrilled for your proud new parents. Proof indeed that the Lord does hear our prayers. God is Always Good.
  14. Obviously there are different rules for the wealthy.
  15. What a joy to see a new little one come into a world filled with so much love for him! Blessings for Jessica, Julie, Jonathan and JACK! CONGRATULATIONS
  16. Darren & Kay... Congratulations! WE are so very happy for you... Blessings today on your beautiful baby boy!
  17. I must be living is a bubble... I have never heard of Prof. Pausch, but I am now planning to watch this video over the weekend. I am deeply saddened every time I see someone die so young.
  18. Congratulations Mark & Laurie. What a blessing!
  19. Congratulations and Blessing to you all!
  20. Let's see where to begin... Harboring secret regrets? or feeling "cheated" by fate? I have felt and said from the beginning and still feel the same way today that the only one who has been cheated of anything is Danny - and unfortunately, I can't ask him whether or not he agrees. We have absolutely no regrets about our adopting Danny. As a father, I am sad for him that he will never have some of the opportunities that healthy children have to play sports, be in school plays, have long talks with best friends, etc..., but in contrast many healthy children will never receive the amount of lo
  21. Oh Elizabeth... thank you for that article. There is so much there that we can identify with. "It's worth it all just to see him smile," said Heather Peralta. This is our greatest joy with Danny. Just seeing him smile is everything to us. To know that he is comfortable and happy and that he knows he is loved is all we need. Heather used to think having such a child would be the worst fate. Now she feels the bigger the challenge, the better the reward. Erika, who has been a Special Education teacher for 22 years always feared having a special needs child at home. I had no idea what
  22. Congratulations Melissa, Chris, Grace Ann and Billie! When it's right, you know it!!!! Welcome to the world ETHAN!!!
  23. Congratulations Patti and Steve! We are so very happy for you, and your new baby girl!
  24. Congratulations to the New Forever Families!!!
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