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  1. Gabriela&Chris

    Celebrity Adoptions

    Pretty ridiculous! The scary thing is someone just may let her have them. What's almost more upseting is the adoption ad below it: "Have a newborn baby quickly...we specialize in open adoptions!" :angry: That surely sends the wrong message as to why one should consider an open adoption! Gabriela
  2. Gabriela&Chris

    Baby Announcements 2007

    Congrats Dee and Bart!!! Payton is lovely I hope I can meet her in a couple of weeks. I'll be visiting Michelle soon. Enjoy every moment...Sydney is 6 weeks old already. It goes by so fast! We'll be praying for your birthfamily too. Gabriela
  3. Gabriela&Chris

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Dear Forum Friends, Cinderella has found her way home.... We proudly announce our new daughter Sydney Jane It has been an incredible journey to our sweet girl. She weighed 6 lbs, 6 oz and is just beautiful (proud momma talking! ) I know all of you want details, details, details!!!! I am amazed how somethings are just meant to be...we spoke to our birthmother a couple of months ago and fell in love with her. Both of us loved her spirit and honesty. Through many twist and turns she matched with us last week and Sydney was born December 6th (just 4 days after Austins birthday). I was in the birthing room with the birthmom's sister and Chris was just outside pacing. Since Austin was a BOG we were not at his birth so watching our little girl enter the world was breathtaking. I was totally shocked when the doctor ask if I wanted to cut the cord (I almost dropped my camara on the floor!), you can imagine I couldn't say YES fast enough. Our birthmom only needed 5 pushes (pro that she is ) for her to arrive. I arrived in San Antonio on Saterday to spend some quality time with our birthfamily and we are now in her hometown settling her in and spending a few more quality days with her before we head back. I remember at orientation when Elizabeth asked us what was our one hope and one fear for this next baby. My fear and hope was finding a birthmother whom we could love just as much as Austin's birthfamily. Not all journeys are the same but I am so blessed to say that we have indeed become family with the most incredible woman. She is bright, funny and a great mom herself. Everyday we become closer and knowing us better is helping her through the heartache. It's going to be a hard goodbye but we are doing all we can to let her know we will be there and her daughter will always know her courageous, loving birthmom. I'm blessed to have two great birthfamilies to love! Pictures will soon be posted so you can all see our beautiful angel. As a forum faithful (although mostly a lurker) I know how exciting it is when a baby announcement is posted but it's even better when that post is yours!!!!! Love, Gabriela, Chris, Austin and Sydney
  4. Gabriela&Chris

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Congratulations on the latest Abrazo baby Girls Alexa and Emma and best wishes to the happy two familes. Gabriela
  5. Gabriela&Chris

    FBI checks

    Angela, Chris and I did our electronic prints last Wednesday the 25th. I'm not sure how long it takes but please let us know when you receive them so we know it's all done. Thanks, Gabriela
  6. Gabriela&Chris

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Congratulations to the new family! Wow, what a wonderful surprise. Just goes to show that great things happen at Camp Abrazo. Gabriela
  7. Gabriela&Chris

    Gender Preference?

    This is a very timely topic since we also specified a preferance on the gender box. It seems to me that specifying your preference isn't so much the problem as backing out of a match is. If you match with a birthmom who has specified a gender by a sono and at the hospital "surprize!" the opposite gender arrives, I cannot imagine backing out of that match and leaving the birthmom and her baby behind. Throughout our adoption journey, faith has played such an important role and you have to believe in His plan. Once we decided to match with a birthmom, her baby (whether boy or girl), would be in our heart. So if we are surprized at the birth then it must be Gods' will and who can argue with that! Elizabeth, maybe the policy could be that when you agree to match with a birthmom that you will not undo the match due to gender. If an adoptive family can not honestly make that kind of commitment then they will know they'll have to wait until they are chosen for a BOG case. That's my two cents, Gabriela
  8. Gabriela&Chris


    Hi Carlydvm, We are also headed to San Antonio for Orientation March 31st. This will be our second adoption with Abrazo and you couldn't have picked a better place to start your adoption journey. If you haven't done so already, you should call Angela at Abrazo to get you on the right track. Also she can tell you if there is any room in this next orientation if you are interested. I look forward to hearing about your journey!! Gabriela and Chris
  9. Gabriela&Chris


    Amy, Claudia, and Veronica We are so exctied to have our group already getting started on the Forum. Orientation is around the corner! I'm very excited to meet all of you and getting our new journey started. Regarding infertility letter- ours was very brief written by our IF specialist saying something to the effect that we have unknown reasons for our infertility but have not been successful in concieving after several treatments. Hope that helps. One of the things that took the most thought for me was the profile. It is the one piece that is presented to potential birthparents and it was hard for me to represent ourselves is so few pages. You may want to start looking for pictures to get you started and also begin writing a rough draft of your birthparent letter. For me, everything else after that was a piece of cake! Take Care, Gabriela and Chris
  10. Gabriela&Chris


    Hi Amy, Chris and I will be attending the next orientation with you. We are what is called in Abrazoland "Againers". We hope to have our second Abrazo baby and I can assure you there is no better place to find your special little one. The Abrazo ladies will make sure we have an exciting and emotional weekend then all the fun really begins.... I look forward to meeting you then. Please let me know if we can help you guys in any way. Let the rollercoaster begin! Gabriela and Chris P.S. We live in El Paso. Where are you from?
  11. Gabriela&Chris

    Baby Announcements 2006

    Congratulations!!! A match made in heaven...and dreams come true. Enjoy your perfect baby girl and give her lots of kisses from a West Texas family wishing you the happiest of journeys. Gabriela and Chris
  12. Gabriela&Chris


    Elizabeth, Sign us up for December! We will be ready for another abrazo babe come January. Austin is just too easy on us...We hope Windycity is right and having 2 under 15 months is twice the fun. Not to mention the great experience we had with Abrazo the first time around makes us dare to dream again. God bless and may all those little angels find there way home. Gabriela and Chris
  13. Gabriela&Chris

    Baby Announcements 2005

    To the last "Sweetest Daze" couple waiting for their little angel, Congradulations David and Daena! We have been out of town for the long weekend and I just logged on to see the great news. I'm thrilled for all of you. I hope you enjoy every moment of these first few days. Isn't it so wonderful to be parents!! Post pictures when you get a chance..... Gabriela and Chris
  14. Gabriela&Chris

    Baby Announcements 2005

    Dan and Michelle, Congrats on your baby girl! I hear your in our neck of the woods while you are waiting for the interstate compact to come through. I just wanted to offer our help and support while your in our home town. Please give us a call if you need any help or would like to have a meal that is not restaurant food! We look forward to meeting you and your new little one. Gabriela, Chris and Austin
  15. Gabriela&Chris

    Gender Preference?

    What a great question. I have 5 nieces and I have always wanted a girl yet somehow I knew I would have the first boy in the family. Last December, thanks to Abrazo, we have our beautiful boy Austin. We did not specify boy or girl with Austin but we are hoping to be againers next year and in my heart I know that I would love to have a girl this next time. I do worry that it's wrong somehow. But at the same time, our becoming parents through adoption is different than childbirth. I'm sure many of us would have loved the opportunity to birth a child without having a choice of sex. That is not an option we have due to infertility. It is a unique side of adoption, so is it so wrong to want to choose our next babies sex? Our adoption experience has been so awesome and I know God chose our wonderful Austin and I would not want it any other way. We love him with all our hearts. I also know that when the time comes and Abrazo makes that incredible call we all dream of we will forget all about the sex of the baby and cry out in joy...boy or girl! Gabriela