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  1. and Leyna are enjoying the summer and looking forward to a new school year for everyone including Leyna! Look out Kindergarten...here we come!!

  2. Congrats to all the new families this holiday season! What a wonderful gift of love for everyone.
  3. Congratulations Andy and Jill. It's true good things do come to those who wait! Stork Central you have been very busy these past few days!
  4. Wow!!! What an amazing day for these newly formed families and the agency that made it happen! Congratulations to everyone involved in such an amazing day!
  5. Congrats fellow Michigander family!! Be sure to bring some of that warm Texas weather back with you when you come home.
  6. Oh Mari, As I read about the journey you, your daughter and your husband have traveled, I am amazed by your strength and courage. My prayers go out to you all and big hugs are being sent to you from Michigan. Brenda
  7. Hip hip hooray for Don, Andrea, Clara and Zackary! And an especially big hug for Zackary's birthfamily! What an amazing journey for all of you.
  8. Wow! What an amazing way to start out the New Year! Congratulations to all of you on your new addition"s" to the family and blessings upon their loving birthmother.
  9. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are mourning their precious loved ones. Pamela, the Parable of Immortality that you posted so beautifully says what all of us feel. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  10. Hi Brandy, Welcome to the forum and the Abrazo Community. My Husband and I had our son biologically and then 5 years later adopted our daughter through Abrazo. I really don't know very many books about adoptive and biological children. We just read the usual books about adoption. Our son is very easy going and we really treated our daughters adoption as just another way to create a family. He was very involved with taking placement of Leyna and we kept him as informed as a five year old should be about our progress throughout the experience. He was the first one to meet Leyna (she was
  11. Praying for Glenn and all of those who loved Priscilla.
  12. Hooray Kay and Darren and sweet baby Elliott!! What an amazing couple of days for you all and many, many more to come!! We are so happy for you!!
  13. Wow, I love it. You gals are amazing! I will spread the word for sure!!
  14. Wow! Bailey's comments about her sister before she even arrived also gives me chills. Those sweet girls were meant to be together and here they are! What a miracle for all to witness!
  15. Blessings upon your family, Mark and Laurie. What an amazing story that two sisters will now be together forever. Praying for their birthmom.
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