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  1. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2015

    Welcome to the world, baby Ryan and congratulations to the new family!
  2. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2015

    Congratulations to all of the families who have recently grown.
  3. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2015

    Welcome to the world sweet babies and congratulations to all of the new parents!
  4. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2015

    So happy to see this announcement. Beautiful family!
  5. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2014

    So happy for these families!
  6. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Wow- congratulations to the new families! Welcome to the world baby Noah and baby Vanessa!
  7. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Welcome to the world, baby Kepler!
  8. Terib1

    In Memoriam

    I am so sorry about this devastating loss. Rest in peace, sweet baby and I am praying for peace and comfort for your mom.
  9. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Beautiful story! So happy for this family!
  10. Terib1

    Profiles: Presenting... YOU!

    Hi Missy- We used a scrapbooking software program for Macs and I have to tell you it was a little difficult to use- I am pretty sure it was called iScrapbook. I know that Melissa Giarrosso used PowerPoint (which is very easy to use) to create theirs and although I didn't see the first one, the second one was great! There are tons of programs out there, but I would use something that you are familiar with (like PowerPoint, Publisher or even Word, etc.) rather than going out and finding a new software program that you have to learn how to use. I am sure that you have enough going on right now without adding any additional frustration or stress to your life! Good luck with getting your profile finished!
  11. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Congratulations to the newest family!
  12. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2014

    So happy to read this announcement & even more happy for our fellow San Antonians! Welcome to the world baby Lennox Hope!
  13. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Congratulations, Matt & Katie! Welcome to the world, baby Eniah Jane!
  14. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Congratulations! Welcome to the world, baby Isadora! Beautiful name!
  15. Terib1

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Congrats & welcome to the world, baby Hudson!