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  1. CisaLee

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Congratulations Sherry & Michael! Sending heartfelt prayers and love to you, Mirabella and her birthfamily. I know you have had this child in your dreams and prayers throughout your journey to parenthood. As is written in 1 Samuel 1:27, "I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him." Sherry, your Mama must be the happiest woman in heaven right now. Lisa
  2. CisaLee

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Congrats John & Airi! So excited for you. Keeping you and your new extended family in my prayers. Lisa
  3. CisaLee

    Celebrity Adoptions

    You may want to check out the Rainbow Families thread under parenting. I may help with research/education. Additionally, if you do adopt a child of another race, reach out to someone of that race and ask questions! If you have questions about AA culture. hair or skincare (that's a biggie) or anything else, I'm available. You can feel completely comfortable asking anything. (hint: washing AA hair every day = very bad hair)! Lisa
  4. CisaLee

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Congratulations to both new families! Its so wonderful to see new families grow and show us that love blooms exactly the way God planned it.
  5. CisaLee

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Congrats to newest expanded Abrazo family. We are praying for all that love these little boys.
  6. CisaLee

    In Memoriam

    Andrea, We are praying for your family as you say goodbye. Lisa & Kevin
  7. CisaLee

    Celebrity Adoptions

    I'd be willing to bet there are already plans for reality shows. SMH...
  8. CisaLee

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Congratulations & blessings all around. What a beautiful family tree(with all it's branches). Lisa
  9. I had a person tell me "Oh, you're taking the easy way" when I told her of our plans to adopt. Since she obviously had no clue what we had been through physically, emotionally or financially while undergoing fertility treatments, I just bit my tongue, smiled and said "well bless your heart" (which is Southern for, jerk or any other term a nice Southern lady doesn't said out loud). Lisa
  10. CisaLee

    Baby Announcements 2012

    Congratulations Sara & Andrew! Gavin is a beautiful name for a beautiful boy.
  11. CisaLee

    The Adoption Tax Credit

    Thanks for the responses. It seems like the overall theme is keep your canceled checks, make copies, send everything the IRS asks for and finally be prepared to wait a while. I really appreciate the feedback. Lisa
  12. CisaLee

    The Adoption Tax Credit

    Thought it would be timely to bring this topic back to life. Has anyone successfully claimed the Adoption Tax Credit? Any tips / suggestions for those who placed in 2011 and those hoping 2012 will be their year? Lisa
  13. CisaLee

    Spiritual Enrichment

    Just stumbled onto another great passage: Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
  14. CisaLee

    Spiritual Enrichment

    The 23rd Psalm is always a comfort. Something about those familiar words...
  15. CisaLee

    Baby Announcements 2011

    What a beautiful day in Abrazo-land! Enjoy your new blessing and we will keep your family and birthfamily in our prayers!