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  1. Thanks Suzi! We had a prior homestudy before coming to abrazo as well... the line I heard over and over as I tried to relay between abrazo and our social worker was that your original home study is your original home study and everything after that are addendums/updates to it. I would assume that would be true of you as well. that you will get an addendum that covers the 25 points in the texas requirements, with how ever many visits. I think you have to have a current home study to be presented to birthparents/expectant parents for potential match so you would need to get your addendum/update and then have another update/addendum if necesary within 30 days of placement.
  2. Has the date been set for the May orientation? And when will the next one be after that?
  3. I live in Texas and had a home study done about 4 years ago for adopting our son. We did not keep it "current". We also did not have five visits by the social worker. So do we need to do a whole new homestudy, or can we update our old one once matched/within 30 days of placement?
  4. melliemoo


    To answer my own question: they told me it's normally 2-4 weeks after sending in the inquiry form. I got the happy news that our application was mailed out yesterday though!!
  5. melliemoo


    OK, I'll call then. Did you get any indication of how long it would take to review the inquiry and get the application sent to you? I mailed mine in Wednesday last week.
  6. melliemoo


    Thanks. I'm getting anxious though because it's been a week and I haven't heard anything! Is it rude to call and make sure they got the paperwork?
  7. We have a very open adoption with our son's birthmother and her family, and definitely want a similar relationship for our second child. But I'm definitely doing lots of reading!
  8. We have a very open relationship with our son's birthmother and her family. We visited them in Kansas last fall, and it was amazing. I think it was really good for his birthmother to see him in person and know that he is loved and happy. And it's good for our son because he will always know who she is.
  9. I'm also in that limbo of having sent in the inquiry form and waiting to hear if we get to apply or not. I hope limbo is short!
  10. melliemoo


    We sent in the inquiry form and are now waiting eagerly to see if we've been accepted or not.
  11. Thanks for the reassurance! I hope we hear something soon.
  12. I was disheartened to hear that Abrazo is mostly seeking childless couples, but we are completely open on race and will take an older child as well (younger than our 32-month old son, who was also adopted). We have a very open relationship with his birth family in Kansas, and we live in Houston. So I'm hoping with all those factors that we'll still be admitted into the program. I've sent in the pre-inquiry form and I'm just waiting to hear back. Mel =)
  13. Oh good! The application is in the mail, and I hope we can make May because I'm really eager to get the ball rolling. We have one son who was adopted, via an independent route, and that was so stressful that I really wanted the support of an agency this time. Mel =)
  14. We are just about to send in our inquiry form, but would love to get into orientation in May if possible. Although I'd prefer it to be in San Antonio since we live in Houston and have an RV, Vegas would cost a lot of money.
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