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  1. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2015

    Congratulations to the newest families!
  2. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Congrats to Mike and Dana and to all the others who love little Dominick!
  3. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2014

    So very happy for you Corinne and Jesus!! Welcome, sweet Kira!
  4. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Most definitely!!!! Enjoy your sweet girl!
  5. NicandRaj

    In Memoriam

    Bob was such a kind man and we were blessed to have him at both of our children's finalizations. You could instantly tell how much he enjoyed meeting the families and giving each little one their adoption decree. There is a lovely tribute to him on porterloring.com that I cannot provide a link to from my phone. It includes information about the memorial service on Friday and where donations can be made in Bob's memory. Praying for peace and healing for all who loved him.
  6. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Congratulations to the newest families and welcome little ones!
  7. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Welcome, sweet boy, and prayers for all who love you!
  8. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Welcome to the newest little ones, Simon, Julian and Jeweleah, and their families!
  9. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2014

    Congratulations to the newest family and prayers for Abigail and all who love her.
  10. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2013

    Welcome, Baby Dylan, and congratulations to all who love you!
  11. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2013

    So elated to see this announcement yesterday Guess I won't be seeing you on the 21st
  12. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2013

    YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! We're so elated to see this announcement, Brent and Lynn! Welcome, little Avery! I was thinking of you earlier today and wondering how you all were doing. I'm so glad I logged onto the forum tonight So looking forward to hearing your BOG story. Love to all four of you
  13. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2013

    Welcome to little Hannah and baby Max!! Congrats to all who love these little bundles
  14. NicandRaj

    In Memoriam

    Praying for the White family.
  15. NicandRaj

    Baby Announcements 2013

    Congratulations to Steven and Becky! Praying for a smooth transition for all involved. Thanks for sharing your new family photo with us.