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    Fresh air, time with my husband, my neices and nephews, my german shorthaired pointer, being an RN.


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  1. so much excitement on here! congrats to all!!! yay!
  2. beautiful. congratulations, baby boys are perfect
  3. congrats to the two new families!!! Very exciting, sweet, and tender times. I send my prayers for the new families! Lori
  4. Good Beautiful Morning!!! Yay Andy and Jill! I am so happy for you, and so thankful for your patience. What a road you've been on! oxoxo Lori
  5. yay Mark & Erin, and Ric and Teresa!!! love and happiness to all of you!
  6. yay! caongradulations to the steadmans! amen!
  7. For more on this subject and the public response to it in Dallas, click here. I just read this, then went to the link, and it is loaded with this kind of anger. I'm speechless, tears welling up as I read and look down at the beautiful baby boy sleeping in my arms that I will love for an eternity. so tiny and perfect...I pray his first mother, bill, and I are able to ward off these feelings. the part that hit home is that as an infertile woman, there is a lot of guilt in taking a perfect child from a woman and causing her pain....even if she feels it "is best" as she puts it. thes
  8. YAY!!!!! oh I am so happy for this family, so happy!!!
  9. Hello and WELCOME! I am so happy your family and Max's found eachother! Happy to hear from you, and again, welcome to abrazo!
  10. I think everyone questions what this is supposed to look like. The chicks will send you some samples at some point. The colors are as you wish, the seriousness is as you wish, make it personal. The person who picks yours out of the pile will love it because of your touch. good luck and welcome! Lori
  11. I know, here it comes and YAY! I absolutely love Lent- Easter is my FAVORITE holiday. Yes, Christmas is a Holy Blessing, and I Love it, yet Easter is such an exclamation that our Lord loves us! I LOVE this time of year. As for recipes-I am anxious to see any sweet recipes any of you have. We generally eat seafood on fridays....nothing really called a "Lenten favorite" Maine seems to have plenty of options in the seafood department I make a great baked stuffed haddock with maine crabmeat, and scallop casserole, and haddock florentine...how about that one? this is not rocket science, I nor
  12. I think the question is probably for just what Andrea says...don't give the turtle away!!! We have a dog, and you just have to make sure that it's safe-you know, vaccinations. I know it can be nervewracking trying to line up all the ducks...there are no stupid questions, or feelings, here!! Lori
  13. Congrats to the newest family! love and prayers for all.
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