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  2. You are the BEST!!! What would I do without this forum? I can't possibly ever describe what an integral part of my life it is - because of this forum (and you making it available and maintained and the hours and hours of work you've put into it), I will be a better mother to my daughter - thank you!!!

  3. YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Hundreds of hearts have been touched by this Forum you created.

    It's your fault we're all addicted!! Thank you, so much!

  4. Doesn't strike me as particularly amazing...this is, after all, a community of people who have been brought together by their specific belief in open adoption. It's somewhat like visiting a forum for Mac users, or Prius owners, or Welsh Corgi enthusiasts and espousing the potential merits of Linux, Hummers, or Rottweilers. If you're looking to engage folks in a discussion of the relative merits of different approaches, you might find Usenet groups to be, well, less fervent.
  5. I can't agree more. I just finished reading an article here about the state of Missouri filing suit against InternetDonations.org, a site owned by an infamous antisemitic neo-Nazi who has set up several sites in the past few days in a seeming attempt to intercept well-intentioned donations for Katrina relief. There's got to be a special place in cheese pizza for folks like this... I've added a bright red banner on the main forum page that links to various relief and information resources provided by The New York Times. Any of the links on that page should be completely trustworthy. Thank you all for your concern.
  6. Sammy, Rest assured, access to the forum will never be limited to a private group of clients. If it becomes necessary to protect the community from malicious individuals, we might need to restrict the ability of anonymous guests to post (many [perhaps most?] bulletin boards don't permit unregistered guests to post as a matter of policy), but you, as a registered user, will continue to enjoy all the privileges and access you've already been enjoying.
  7. It seems likely. Two new users, "lamamma" and "lamamma1" registered consecutively today, using two similarly-named Hotmail accounts. Evidently something didn't work with the first Hotmail account, used to register "Lamamma," so he/she created a new Hotmail account and was registered "Lamamma1." It also appears (from resolving IP addresses) that this "new" user hails from the same region as Adoptive Dad, and it's likely that it's either our old friend using another computer, or someone doing him/her a favor. Sadly, we may need to switch to a registered-user only format, with administrator review required before new users' accounts become active. I'm reluctant to do so, but it may be necessary to protect the civil, respectful community that the Abrazo Forum has been for four years now. We'll wait to see whether this nonsense continues.
  8. pResident Bush has said "there ought to be limits to freedom." And while that displays an alarming lack of comprehension of the American dream, it makes sense for this Forum. We continue to encourage members and anonymous passersby to participate in the discussions here, and to ask tough questions and offer criticism. But I haven't invested hundreds of hours in the forum just to see it dragged down into the muck by someone who obviously has a personal axe to grind. Good-bye, Adoptive Dad. Please go focus your efforts on being a good father, and find another outlet for your seething anger. You're no longer welcome here, and you won't be missed. And yes, God bless you.
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