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  1. Thank you. As I try and sleep tonight I am in tears. Lord, forgive me because I am selfish. I want my tiny home which is now occupied by 7 people to be peaceful again. Lord, forgive me for I have a two bedroom cottage which was never meant for 10 people. Lord forgive me for wanting more for these people immedietly than what is possible. I am a troubled soul..... God, make me stronger than those obstacles that come before me and my dear friends. Please do not let them sense my discomfort. I want nothing but the best for them and for them to be embraced in your loving arms. Please pray not only for us .. but for all.
  2. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers all those who have lost, all those who are temporarily misplaced and those who are awaiting rescue. My boss' family evacuated from New Orleans w/ some extended family and friends. We have 22 people living between 3 houses right now. There is no end in sight. Please help us all keep our faith, and remain strong. I worry for these people are just beginning to acknowledge the reality of the situation. As it overflows into all of our lives we need grace to deal with the fact the most of us don't know WHERE to start to recover. It's a tense time, even for those that got out. No job, no home... please pray for them. They need peace and guidance.
  3. Hey you guys.... I placed about 4 years ago... Even though I was in my late 20's, I failed to tell my parents about my pregnancy or placement. In fact, people in my daily life were not privy to this, because I didn't really ever show. I told my mother (in an airport as she boarded her plane - "do not try this at home kids", about 4 months after the birth. It was time, just not the place. My mother was stuck on a place with a couple of pictures, an AP profile and my adoption papers. The poor woman was heartbroken, shocked, dismayed... need I say more? Mostly, she was sad that I had not shared this with her not only during my pregancy, but right afterwards. She supported my decison, however she told me that she hurt for me and the isolation and despair I must have felt. I have one sister who is 2 years younger than me. Needless to say, to this day.. my sister who I am so close to, still does not know. I advise you to tell your loved ones as soon as possible. It is more hurtful to you, and them the more that time goes by. My mother encourages me whenever the subject comes up, to tell my sister. I am just so scared that she will not forgive me for keeping such a secret. Secrets in families, in relationships are destructive. I know in time, I will be able to share my experience with my sister. For those of you facing this now... be honest. Be upfront. Do it now, the longer time goes on, the more difficult it will become. In additon, you always "risk" someone finding out on their own. It is better coming from you. Good luck!
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