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  1. Copied from the IRS website: http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Adoption-Credit-Phone-Forum-Questions-and-Answers If an adoptive parent pays qualified adoption expenses in 2011 and the adoption is finalized in 2012, are those expenses first allowable on the 2011 income tax return or on the 2012 return? Answer: The expenses are first allowable on the 2012 income tax return (which will be filed in 2013). Can I claim the adoption credit expenses paid for an unsuccessful adoption? Answer: You can claim the adoption credit for qualified adoption expenses paid for the attempted adoption of
  2. LOL....Suzi as long as you do not pronounce it MARY I am pretty ok with however people pronounce it... but how I say it is pronounced with a spanish sound...if you can say the word ocean in spanish that sounds out the first part mar if you can't then the english sounding is the month of march without the ch ... for the second/last part the i in spanish is pronounced like e so it would be mar e .....You probably were not banking on a spanish lesson And thought I had it because my friend has a Spanish pronunciation too. . Actually I might still have gotten it right the d
  3. Mari, I had a light bulb moment today ... How do you pronounce your name? I realized today I know a mari here and I think I have been reading your name wrong as I read. Mah-dee?
  4. Our CPA specializes in this! Both times the IRS has come back asking for things, it was something we'd already sent (and had copies of having sent in!) Our poor CPA is ready to bang his head on the wall, I think. I feel like we're always the exception to the rule in some way in our lives, so I can't say I'm surprised when things like this happen. I'm just trying to sit back and smile that maybe God is putting us on hold for a little while longer. You have the right to call the IRS taxpayer advocate service when the "normal" IRS channels cause you undue hardship. In other words the IR
  5. You know what would be funny? If you matched/placed before orientation and became tweezers again. Sorry no blue cooler again. (I know I am mean.)
  6. Oh come on that doesn't sound very die hard of you Melissa. Ha ha ha
  7. Ps when we are out with Chrystal or jordyn I never introduce our roles I always wait and allow Chrystal or jordyn to say this is her son and who we are.
  8. Sorry to hear your photographer was a bit tacky. Wish she had just asked what configurations of pictures you guys wanted. As I think about my answer to the question "what is our relationship" I don't know that it translates into exactly what pictures I want. But since you asked when friends ask me about our relationship with our kids birth parents I say it's roughly like how my brother calls me to say his daughter did this or that. He knows I love his kids immensely and will celebrate with him in his kids lives. I say that we simply have an extra big family like another niece of mine Zo
  9. Just a weekend in Suite 540 with some chicks and a blue cooler. glad to see you finally get to go to orientation. Long time in the coming.
  10. To answer your post Elizabeth, I think that the thing you do have to do with older aps is demand greater financial strength and preparation. A 30 year old with few retirement savings is forgiveable because they have time to make up for it. If I were screening 50 year old aps I would be looking for certain levels of retirement funds, life insurance and lower levels of debt to equity.
  11. You are right on pace... Tara, Eric, Hugo & Hayes Late Night Stickybacks May 2008 DropSwapChop July 2010 August 2012
  12. If it makes you feel better Susan my 2 year old is teaching my 3 year old how to wrestle, jump off furniture, scream, etc etc etc... I don't think it matters how far apart or close in age they are. I think siblings just have a natural born ability to bring out the WILD in each other. I joke that Ben and I need to divorce and move 100 miles apart and split raising the kids in half because when the kids are apart both of them are way easier to manage, way calmer. Just two weeks ago my kids were in the back of the van and I hear "pull my finger....you a yucky poopy stinky face..." They are 2
  13. When we came home from orietation with abrazo we told our families "it's not if but when" therefore we are supposed to allow ourselves to be expecting and that it's either going to be a long pregnancy or a short pregnancy. When we matched with collin's birthmom someone said something using some words that were too owning for my comfort before his birth/relinquishment. I cannot even remember the words she used. I said to her oh we're not there yet - it's just a match at this point. She said well I thought the adoption agency told you to go home from orientation and allow yourselves to be "pr
  14. We filed our 2010 tax return with 2 adoptions on it (expenses from collin's and parker's adoptions) and we had ZERO issues getting our full refund in like 4 weeks after paper mailing our tax return (we actually got our refund faster than the IRS said we would). I am sure it didn't hurt that I am a tax CPA and am meticulous about all the details on my tax return (if there are any small issues on your return the IRS will question whether there are big issues as well and review your return with greater scrutiny) but either way I did not have to mail in receipts or copies of checks or any explan
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