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  1. Recently Collin pulled our 2nd profile off the shelf and asked to read it. It was really neat going through it 4 years later with 4 years of getting to know Parker's family behind us now. I saw the profile in a totally different perspective. I put pictures of our cars in that profile because Ben loves cars and had sold his sports car after Collin came home. Well in the picture with my van I am wearing a superman shirt. Parker's uncle Kyle (side they are all ours in every way uncles aunts grandmas etc just making it clearer who is who in my story) anyway uncle Kyle is obsessed with super h
  2. Wow how very sad! He was a blessing to our family.
  3. So very very happy for you mom and dad!!!
  4. Wow those temps! Have you ever tented your plants so you don't have to pull them? I am not in the know just saw others putting up poles and plastic sheeting of some kind or other.
  5. Awesome news! Rooting for smooth and speedy resolutions to all these things. How crazy that so many of your symptoms you were things you figured you just had to deal with. I'm sure that speaks to your willingness to put others around you ahead of yourself. <3
  6. Glad you are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
  7. Anybody working for a small employer.... Nada, nothing. No adoption reimbursement, no paid time off (unless you use your vacation time). Sigh
  8. Hi Carissa, I hate to give you an answer like this but I think you wing it. I know it's not the same - we were in driving distance from baby. But like you, we were in one place, baby was in another place and our parents were both in different directions hours away. We were largely a BOG with Parker. We got a call on dec 23rd, J would like to talk to you, she's in the hospital (her water broke at 29 weeks). We were planning to move to washington from oregon over new years weekend - we changed our plans, christmas day we opened presents and packed our first load for washington. we sat with
  9. Oh wow a glorious day!!!! Your wait is over....your sleepless nights begin. Big congratulations!!!!!
  10. Happy anniversary!!! (I have my husband a haircut yesterday and found gray hair. You are in good company.)
  11. Wow time has been flying. Given that sloane and Collin are so close in age I should not be blown away but wow happy 21st birthday lauranda!!! I hope it's a wonderful day.
  12. Big congratulations on the most wonderful of tiny blessings!!
  13. Congratulations all the speed bumps and detours in your home study were mere blips in the journey to becoming a family of FOUR.
  14. I think the abrazo chicks famous saying is that they are social workers not so much statisticians at abrazo. So they have very few statistics. Though one of the newer abrazo "chicks" did some math recently on wait times. (Sidenote: it sounds awful to call them "chicks" if you are unfamiliar - I swear I'm not a jerk - the ladies at Abrazo call themselves the Abrazo chicks so it's a name used with playful affection.) I don't know how many have failed matches with abrazo versus those that don't. I do know the journey of infertility and adoption is one that is froth with heartaches/breaks of
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