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    I am now a stay at home mommy with Jack......who is now a one-year-old!!! Before being a mommy, I taught elementary school for 14 years!! Jonathan is still an upper school teacher at Westminster Academy in Memphis, Tennessee and teaches Bible, Logic, Theology, and Greek. I love to scrapbook, participate in Beth Moore Bible studies, work on my school's yearbook, and find new recipes to try! Jonathan studies for his classes, takes care of his yard, garden and flower beds, and watches Titans Football! We both love watching Jack grow up into an extremely happy and giggly toddler!! What a blessing he and his birthmom Jessica are to our family!!


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    Anything by Jane Austen!!

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  1. Wow!! Congratulations to both families!! What a wonderful, wonderful day!! Mark, Erin, Teresa, and Ric....you are in our prayers! What sweet, sweet babies!! May God bless the first families for the brave and unselfish things they have done! May they be richly blessed because they blessed others!!
  2. Praying for this family and the very, very hard decisions that are being made. May this have a fairy tale ending. I pray God will bless all who are involved in this situation!!
  3. Praying for Penny's family! She was a good family friend! We are so sad she has left us!
  4. Welcome to the Forum, Corey and Rebecca!
  5. Love you, sweet girl! We miss you!

  6. Hello to everybody out there! Love the new look to the forum! :)

  7. Congratulations to both these sweet, sweet families....! Again.....more tears!! (I love this kind, though!!!) Can't wait to meet Grace Ellen!! See you when you get home, Steadmans!!
  8. Congratulations x 2!! What wonderful news~!!
  9. Big Congratulations to Tracey and Denver.....and Tara and Eric!! I have not had internet for a while.....and what a surprise awaited me as I saw the news!! God is so very, very good!! What wonderful days!
  10. I keep re-reading all of these wonderful stories!! God is so very, very good!
  11. Any update on these children? Still praying for them!
  12. Congratulations to everyone!! How exciting!! We are so happy and excited for you all!!! Julie
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