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  1. So happy and excited to hear this news!
  2. I saw this story on the news also, never imagining there was an Abrazo connection. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family, and to all the families who have lost loved ones.
  3. Just in time for Valentine's Day... the beautiful "gift" of new life! Wishing you all much love and happiness.
  4. I think it also says something about the agency itself when folks "come back" as againers. It is certainly a testament to Abrazo's values and integrity. This should certainly help to calm any "fears" prospective birthparents might have about how they will be treated...with dignity and compassion!
  5. I am in my third year of being a Reading mentor/tutor thru the OASIS program, which is for adults over age 50. I am currently mentoring a second grader, and I meet with her once a week. I always start off with a little "How was your week? Did you do anything fun" sort of icebreaker. This past Monday, the student told me she had gone to a birthday party for her grandma. Then she volunteered that her grandma was 47 years old! I just looked at her and smiled, since I am 11 years older than her grandma!! Oh my.....
  6. I get the "grandmother" comment a lot less now that Catherine will be turning 14 this month and is as tall as I am (not that I am "tall," but she can look me directly in the eyes now which is scary!! LOL) Instead I get the "is she your youngest" comment, as it is assumed by my "mature looks" that surely I must have some 20-somethings out there somewhere. I have thought of making up a few siblings for her (the one who ran off to join the travelling circus, the one who joined a roving band of gypsys, the one who lives in a nudist colony.....) but I'm not sure I could pull it off with a straigh
  7. The stork has been busy this week!!! And, that's surely the way we like it!
  8. The blue streak is broken! Yea for PINK!!!
  9. Hmmm.....I think Elizabeth is up to something......she is "tickled pink" on the Againers thread, and has promised a "pink surprise" at Camp Abrazo this weekend. Could be totally unrelated, of course, and just the random musings of a devilish mind!!!!!
  10. Deb, perhaps you can think of it as keeping any situation that is not "your own" confidential...ie. if a friend or relative was ill, it may not be appropriate to share all the details of the illness to which you might be privy...or if close friends or relatives were going through a divorce, you would not want to share the details of what led to their divorce. Unfortunately with these days of all things being shared to the world via social media and TV reality shows, we have forgotten in our culture the value of keeping some things private so as to protect the dignity of others. Maybe I am ju
  11. Was anyone else surprised to learn that Jack Wagner (GH-Frisco Jones, Melrose Place-Dr Peter Burns, musician) was himself a "birth" father? He told the story on Dancing With the Stars on tribute night on Monday. He did not know she even existed (her birth having resulted from a "fling" in the 80's, and her birthmother placed her for adoption as an infant). She located him through a private investigator when she began the search for her birthparents as an adult. But here's the "really gutsy move" part...she ran up to him backstage at a concert just before he was getting ready to perform on-
  12. It just seems that some celebrities want a baby as an accessory.
  13. Blessings to you Darshan and Charu. You have been in the thoughts and prayers of many over these past months!
  14. I agree with Jada, this article did not seem to mesh with "positive adoption language Abrazo style." I did agree with some points (such as not continuing to call a child adopted internationally a "foreign child.") The sentence that bothered me the most, though, was calling a meeting between a person once adopted and his/her first parents as "making contact" and not a "reunion." You can "make contact" with someone by inadvertantly dialing a wrong number, for pete's sake.
  15. Catholic radio online "Cradio" I wanted to share an online Catholic podcast that I just discovered today. I love the uplifting music and sound Catholic teachings! The link I have posted will take you to the Home page. Just click "Listen live" in the upper right hand corner to begin the podcast.
  16. This topic reminds me when we were PIW and I got a referral to call a young pregnant girl in North Texas. She asked me "My mom wants to know what religion you are?" I replied "Catholic," and the girl said "Well, we're Baptist." I knew right then we didn't fit their "ideal" image of a Baptist or at least Protestant Evangelical couple. Jeff asked me later why I just didn't reply "Christian." I knew the next question would be "what church," with the same outcome. I was perceptive enough to gleen from the way the conversation was going that her parents had strict "requirements" for the religio
  17. I hope you have had the opportunity to read my post (dated 11 Jan 2011). While these family members are certainly trying to be helpful, they do not understand the stress their comments are putting you through! I also treat my pets as family members. I am glad we have raised our daughter in a home full of pets (we had one dog and three cats when we took placement of Catherine, and we now have two dogs, a 77 lb male and a 10 lb femle, both neutered). She has always known and been around dogs and cats, and she is not afraid. I have seen children who are afraid, and it is a sad thing. I have
  18. While this is tragic, this is 100% the parents' fault, as it was the parents responsibility to contain the ferret in a cage when they were not in the room to supervise. I know this sounds harsh, but as a parent and pet owner it is MY responsibility, NOT the animals' responsibility. Even a trained animal cannot be trusted to behave 100% of the time. I have had to many times place our dogs in their crates when the situation warranted. While Catherine is 12 and knows how to interact with our pets, many of her friends who come over are scared by a 77 lb "gentle giant," because he WILL bark whe
  19. So sad today to hear of D'Nola's passing. The first time I met her at Camp Abrazo 2009, she told me that even more amazing than her reunion with Bruce, was the fact that she was still alive to see it! She seemed to know how precious time was and that she had been given a precious gift. She was, of course, referring to her reunion with her son, but I think D'Nola herself was also a gift to all of us. What a sweet, dear lady she was. I will never forget her.
  20. Truly, I don't mean to be cynical or argumentative here......but it would probably be more accurate to assume this baby has bonded more with his nanny than either Sandra or Jesse. Just think about it. January began the "awards" season (Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, Oscars...and probably a couple of others that weren't televised or I've forgotten.) Along with the actual awards shows themselves, there were the media junkets, the interviews, the days spent getting fitted for the gowns, hair, makeup, etc. Tuxes for the guys, etc. Plus all the appearances Sandra made on The Tonight Show
  21. Obviously, someone (Jesse) was not being totally truthful during the background checks and homestudy visits! This sounds like fraud to me!!!!
  22. In this case, I would say...... go to your local animal shelter, and "adopt" a "rescue" dog or cat (or two) to be your companion! Not only will you feel good about yourself, you will receive unconditional love and loyalty, and it's okay if you have to leave them alone in a fenced back yard, or in their crate for awhile (what with your busy schedule and all!) So, if you want to feel good about yourself, go to your local animal shelter, and pick up a furry friend.
  23. When Catherine was a babe and toddler, I often purchased little boy clothes (T-shirts and pants, shorts, overalls) for her because they were generally less expensive. Even at Gymboree the boy's clothes were still cute but just seemed to cost less. I have some wonderful pictures of her with her big smile and curly hair, wearing those adorable little boy clothes!
  24. Congrats to the newest forever family!
  25. The link worked for me, Kay, and I am still picking my jaw up off the floor! I just don't even know what to say right now.
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