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    Baby Announcements 2018

    She knew what she wanted for her baby’s future. Yet a hurricane interrupted her plans, and then there was family opposition to contend with, and host of other complications to overcome. Many states away, unbeknownst to each other, there was a couple who knew what they wanted for their family’s future. Yet the abrupt closure of their national adoption agency interrupted their plans, and then there were financial ramifications to overcome, and a couple of other failed opportunities along the way. What is mean to be, however, has a way of coming together, however. And today, by the grace of God, both families’ dreams came together, for the love of one adorable four-month-old boy. May he grow up strong and sure, and be forever blessed by their shared commitment to his future.
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    Jason & Jennifer are an active, outdoors-loving sort of couple, who live in Tennessee and look forward to introducing a new son or daughter to the joys of the four seasons. If you'd like to hear more about them and what life in Tennessee is like, call Abrazo and we'll gladly introduce you. (Seeking an infant of any race and either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since February, 2018.)
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    Baby Announcements 2018

    After waiting for years to have a child of their own, the patience of this childless couple from our August 2017 orientation, Keep it Quiet: Tried Twice in the Morning was about to be tested again, because their homestudy worker didn’t get their report in until after the first of the new year. Then, they had to wait for the right match to find them, and then, they waited for the due date. Through it all, though, they had their faith to sustain them, and now, they have added a beautiful 10 lb baby boy, his selfless first mom and his doting birth-great-grandmother to their family circle, as well. Blessings, all!
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    BRAD & JEN (MN)

    This long-and-happily married couple from Minnesota has a big circle of family, neighbors and friends who can't wait to see them adopt! And they can't wait, either, but because of infertility, it's going to take the help of a very special birthparent to make parents of Brad & Jen. If you want to talk with them and learn more about the wonderful life they can offer your child amidst the four seasons, let Abrazo know and we'll be happy to put you in touch. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since February, 2018.)
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    Baby Announcements 2018

    Last month, they were patiently waiting for some sign that their match was headed in the right direction, although it didn’t look promising. They couldn’t know then that fate was, in fact, leading them towards the child of their dreams, just in the opposite direction. By finding tbe courage to let that match go just when tbey did, this couple from our KEEP IT QUIET (Tried Twice in the Morning) orientation weekend of August, 2017 made themselves available right in time for a newly-delivered mom looking for a Texas couple who just matched their description. Tonight, she made her newborn son theirs, too, and we are so happy tbey are all now family... all’s well that ends well. Blessings, all!
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    Being from Austin, you probably already know this couple is active, fun and ready to be great parents, but for that to happen, Defonza & Karena need the help of a loving birthmother. If you are interested in getting to know more about them and why open adoption is their dream, call Abrazo and let us put you in touch today! (Paper-ready and waiting since November, 2017. Open to an infant of any race and either gender.)
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    David & Kate did an international adoption when they found their son, but his brother and sister-in-law did an open adoption at Abrazo, and having seen how well that turned out, this Texas doctor and his wife decided their second adoption would be both open and in Texas. If you're interesting in placing with experienced parents, call us and let us put you in touch with David & Kate today! (Seeking to adopt an Anglo and/or Hispanic and/or Asian and/or part African-American female infant. Paper-ready and waiting since December 2017.)
  9. This talented Texas couple was originally planning to adopt through another agency, but that agency went out of business, so Jeremy & Karen had to start all over again. We're sorry they went through that heartache, but we're glad they're Abrazo's clients now, because we know they're going to be awesome parents! They enjoy music and the arts and their home is filled with light and laughter. If this sounds like the sort of life you want for your child, let Abrazo know and we'll put you in contact with Jeremy & Karen today. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since before February, 2018.)
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    The Trimesters of Adoption

    Thanks for asking! San Antonio is a bit "light" on adoptive family support groups, but there's a great group out of Austin called Adoption Knowledge Affiliates, which puts on a really good conference every November. Some of Abrazo's families in SA tried to launch a local support group for adoptive parents some time ago but it never really got off the ground.
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    Baby Announcements 2018

    “There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning.” ~ Psalms 30:5 We know the entire Abrazo family will join us in celebrating the wonderful news that a Louisiana family near and dear to all our hearts have become the proud parents and big brother of a beautiful newborn boy— thanks to a loving birthmom who made the “right” choice in the end. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow (for this adoption story is truly filled with God’s mercy and grace, from beginning to end!)
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    Chad & Charlene are adopting from our agency again, because they have proven to be wonderful supporters of open adoption since they adopted their son Charles Henry here in early 2015. They adopted another sweet baby here in 2016 who tragically died of SIDS, but their dream of having another child to love lives on. This down-home, honest-as-the-day-is-long Louisiana family have gone the extra mile to honor their sons' birthfamilies. If you'd like to get to know Chad & Charlene, Abrazo will gladly put you in touch today! (Seeking an Anglo &/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since December, 2015.)
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    Jonathan & Mona are a Tennessee couple with an Abrazo-born son, Sebastian, and we're happy to welcome them back, because they have kept their open adoption promises and that makes us proud! If you're looking for a family you can truly trust, let us introduce you to the Holt family today. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic baby of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since 11/17.)
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    Jeff & Kristen are from Missouri, the "show-me state," and they are excited to match with an interested birthfamily so we can show them how truly awesome an open adoption can be! If you're hoping to find a fun, happy couple who were high school sweethearts and can't wait to share their love with your child, call Abrazo and we'll gladly put you in touch. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since March, 2018.)
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    Russell and Simona have been together for ten years while they practice their parenting skills on their cats, so they are more than ready to add a real-live baby and his or her birthparents to their lives. If you like the idea of your child growing up in Pennsylvania with four seasons and you like cats, you're bound to like Russell & Simona, too, so call Abrazo and we'll gladly make the introductions. (Seeking an infant of any race and either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since April 2018.)
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    BOB & LISA (MO)

    An attorney and a social worker, Bob and Lisa became first-time parents through Abrazo last year, and they proved to be so good at it, we have welcome them back to adopt again. Lisa was adopted herself, and she and Bob have a special place in their hearts for their son's birthmom, so you can count on them to welcome you in their lives with open arms. To get to know Bob & Lisa better, call Abrazo and we'll put you in contact. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since April, 2018.)
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    CHAD & GAIL (MD)

    Chad & Gail were such a pleasure to work with the first time they adopted through Abrazo, we're delighted to have them back again! This Maryland physician and teacher truly understand the importance of open adoption, and honor their son's birthfamily in their lives, and they even speak Spanish, as well! So if you'd like to learn more about Chad & Gail, Abrazo will be happy to make the introduction, in English or en espanol. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since March, 2018.)
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    Brian & Holly are proud Austinites who are eager to become first-time parents, with the help of a loving birthfamily. If you are looking for a couple are very much in love and who get why open adoption truly matters, let us introduce you to these Texans today. (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since March, 2018.)
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    Baby Announcements 2018

    A childless couple from the Austin area came to our February 2018 orientation weekend, This Is Me Excited, having no idea how swiftly their lives were about to change. They were, however, ready and willing to jump in with both feet after that weekend, and it was surely a good thing! Because their finished profile got sent in the week an expectant mom came in with a specific wish for a childless Texas couple to raise her baby. Their homestudy was completed just in time for the case assessment to go out, about two weeks ago. And the baby was born ahead of schedule, exactly six weeks after their orientation weekend. Today, these Austinites moved from the ranks of hopeful parents-in-waiting to for-real adopting parents of a beautiful baby girl, thanks to the difficult and conscientious sacrifice of a loving birthcouple. We wish all four of them a beautiful and lasting family relationship, and we hope this precious child always knows how adored she is by each one of them. Blessings, all!
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    What is Open Adoption?

    WHAT IS OPEN ADOPTION? It's about: * being able to get to know personally the people you choose to adopt your child, * sharing identifying information about yourselves with each other through visits/phone calls/correspondence, and * building a genuine friendship in which contact can continue directly throughout the child's lifetime, so that your child, once adopted, can grow up with accurate information about and access to you and our family. Adoptions that are open are safe, legal and confidential under Texas law. WHY ARE OPEN ADOPTIONS BETTER? Studies show that children in open adoptions tend to be happier, healthier, and better-adjusted. Studies show that birthparents with open adoptions tend to be more at peace with their decisions afterwards because they have the comfort of knowing how well their child is doing in his or her new home. Studies show that adoptive parents who have done open adoptions are more secure in their parenting roles and tend to help their children have more positive feelings about their adoptions and their birthfamilies, as well. WHAT IS OPEN ADOPTION NOT ABOUT? It's not about: * "co-parenting" or foster care * being able to change your mind about the adoption after it's been done * having someone else raise your child until you're ready to take over. Open adoptions are not "easy"; all good relationships take work. Openness is not a "right", but a privilege. It's a matter of trust between parties. Contact agreements are not enforceable in Texas, so it is up to the adoptive parents and birthparents to keep their promises to each other, because neither courts nor adoption professionals can force either party to keep in touch. WHY IS ABRAZO SO BIG ON OPENNESS? At Abrazo, we believe that the best adoptions for children of all backgrounds are open and honest ones. Because everyone knows that secrets aren't good for children, and closed places aren't healthy places in which to grow any living being.
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    What is Open Adoption?

    Lavender Luz has a few thoughts on Does Open Adoption Work?
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  25. Nicholas and Crystal are a fun-loving, down-home TN couple who long to become first time parents through open adoption. If you're looking for the kind of folks you can really become family with, let us help introduce you today! (Seeking an Anglo and/or Hispanic infant of either gender. Paper-ready and waiting since March, 2018.)